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Trump Prophet: God Is Exposing Voter Fraud!


We’ve covered Mark Taylor a lot here at WeLoveTrump.

He’s the Firefighter Prophet also called the Trump Prophet, after prophesying in 2011 that Donald Trump would rise to become President.

That correct prophecy lead to a lot of following for Mr. Taylor.

And leading up to the Midterm Elections, he was making some big new prophecies.

Take a look:

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After the Midterms, it feels as though neither side really won.  

Republicans won the Senate and that was a bigger victory than most realize.

But Democrats picked up a good number of seats in the House, leading to a divided Congress for at least two years.


A couple days ago, we covered Mark Taylor’s response to the Midterms and you can read that here if you missed it:

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But all of that is just prelude to what I want to talk about right now.

Mark Taylor said something VERY interesting in his interview with Greg Hunter this week that I think a lot of people missed.

The day right after the Midterms, Taylor did this interview with Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog and at about 3:33 into the interview he said one thing that really caught my attention as I was listening to it again:

He said God is going to expose and clean out voter fraud!

Watch the clip here (it should start at 3:30 but if not just jump forward a bit):

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The day after the election, we weren't really talking much about voter fraud.  

Now it's all over the news!

HUGE recounts in Florida, Georgia and Arizona, just to name a few!

Even President Trump has Tweeted very aggressively about it:

Not only that, but a viral Petition is spreading online demanding Voter ID, federal oversight over elections and an end to electronic voting machines!

Sign the Petition Here!IMG_1376.jpg

I find it incredible that once again the Trump Prophet may be right!  

Even when it looks like he might have gotten it wrong, he very wisely states that prophecy doesn't always play out like we expect it would.

And wouldn't it be boring if it did?

No, in this case it's looking like the Midterm Elections are not yet over, just as Taylor said would happen.  

He said they would drag out for a long time and that God would expose and purge the voter fraud!

Is that playing out before our very eyes?

If so, we could see something remarkable.  

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We could see voter fraud exposed on a national level and the worst of the worst cleaned up in 2018, paving the way for free and fair elections for Trump in 2020!

God works in mysterious ways!

We could also see many recounts or even special elections if the voter fraud was found to have violated the integrity of the elections!

Is this story over or just beginning?

We'll see soon.

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