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Uncovering The Satanic Panic: South Dakota


This is a guest post by ConcreteConspiracy — find more from Concrete Conspiracy on Substack here.

This article contains statements and commentary which are the opinion of Concrete Conspiracy.


There are two things I want to prove by doing this series:

The first is to prove to you that satanic ritual abuse(SRA) happens everywhere. I started this series in St. Louis, Missouri and in this article, I will report on Soth Dakota. However, I hope to cover every state and then go more international! If you want your state/county to be covered then please let me know by shooting me an email! My email:

Now secondly I want to prove that the majority of cases in the era known as the “Satanic Panic” were eventually covered up and haven’t been solved to this day!

If you missed my article on SRA covered up in St. Louis, you could find that here.

Also my article on SRA in Tampa you can find here.

Article on Evansville, Indiana here.

Lastly, please share! That’s all that I’m asking from you! It takes me lots of time to research and write these articles! I’m not out for fame or money, all I want is the truth to be shared so that many who are trapped may one day be freed from these horrific crimes! Do your part! Let’s bring these criminals to justice!

Let’s begin!

My sources will be shared the same way as I did in my other articles on the subject. Many of these newspapers that I’ve located come from archives that to access you need a subscription. So I’ll link where I got these articles and then insert images of the newspaper sources at the end. (source)

A newspaper article from 1994 explains that despite a lack of evidence(physical evidence is hard to find with SRA), counselors, psychiatrists, therapists, clergy, and members of the department of social services say that satanic ritual abuse is a big problem in South Dakota.

More stories and examples of SRA. The next excerpt talks about FMS(False Memory Syndrome). Remember FMS was created to silence victims’ voices and stories. However, in this section, Dr. William Fuller claims that even if his patients have had false memories and have gotten some things wrong that there has been something super traumatic in their childhood meaning that many of their claims could be true. FBI scientist Ken Lanning also claims to have worked with 300 SRA survivors in the past 11 years with many coming from the state of South Dakota.

More about the SRA debate. Many people don’t believe that it’s happening because it’s too disturbing and too hard to believe. SRA has been happening for thousands of years. Why stop now?

More examples of SRA in South Dakota. Mention what symbols of Satanism are and how to spot if children are being ritually abused.

SRA survivor stories in South Dakota with drawings included. Talk of occult symbolism.

Satanic ritual abuse investigation in Dell Rapids, South Dakota.

Satanic worship and rituals are on the rise. Many violent.

The Occult is active in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Could be your next-door neighbor.

Satanic rituals at Black Hills University(report from 2020).

Satanic crimes are going on in Rapid City, South Dakota. Activity is highly organized.

Youth involved in satanism. Examples of satanic activities. Many are rituals.

Satanic cults in Dell Rapids, South Dakota.

Report from 1989 that satanic activity is on the rise.

And lastly, a report from 1999 says that South Dakota’s social services are being sued for ignoring cases and tips of satanic ritual abuse(this still happens today).

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This article contains statements and commentary which are the opinion of Concrete Conspiracy.

This is a guest post by ConcreteConspiracy — find more from Concrete Conspiracy on Substack here.


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