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Is Charlie Shamp’s 2019 Prophecy About Kamala Harris About To Come To Pass?

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This was originally posted back in March 2019.

You can read that full article here.

In fact, I even told you in that article to “Bookmark it” because we would eventually be coming back to read it.

Now is that time.

So the prophecy comes from a guy named Charlie Shamp, who is the real deal.

He posted this video in March of 2019 where he said the LORD gave him a clear vision about Kamala Harris in the future.

I remember at the time saying “who”?

You have to remember back to that time and she was not even a blip on the radar.

Also, you have to remember that just like Biden, Harris was basically a massive failure until she was “selected” by the elites to be VP.

Just like Biden couldn’t be Bernie without fraud, Harris was a complete failure in the race for President.

But she wasn’t even running in March of 2019.

She was a true nobody.

Which is what makes Shamp’s video all the more impressive.

Charlie Shamp is the real deal.

I’ve been following him for a while now and he’s been right about several things in the past, most notably Brett Kavanaugh before most of you even knew the name Brett Kavanaugh.

In short, here’s what he said about Harris in March 2019:

He says Kamala Harris will indeed run for President in 2020.  She will become a main rival of Trump.  But she will be betrayed by the people who put her in power at some point during the process and she will become aware of it.  She’ll be dismayed that something like that could happen to her.  At that point, she’ll have a choice.  With her eyes opened, she’ll have a chance to essentially join the other team and expose the corruption.

I don’t want to do any injustice to Shamp’s actual prophecy, so please watch the videos and listen in his own words.

Watch it for yourself here:

And a backup here on Rumble:

So….now my big question:  is this about to come to pass?

From a virtual nobody to a (fake?) VP, is Shamp’s prophecy about to happen?

The part where he says she will have a choice to make after they turn on her.

Is the betrayal coming?

Are they about to turn on Harris?

Is Biden about to die and then they turn on Harris and move her out of the way too?

Remember folks, you heard it here first!  (and from Charlie)

Bookmark this, I think we’ll be checking back to this article VERY soon……


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