BOOKMARK: The Charlie Shamp Prophecy About Kamala Harris In 2020

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Ok friends, I’m publishing this in March 2019.  

It’s from a video made by prophet Charlie Shamp in February 2019 and it’s all about his prophecy he says the LORD gave him about Kamala Harris.  

I’ve been following him for a while now and he’s been right about several things in the past, most notably Brett Kavanaugh before most of you even knew the name Brett Kavanaugh.

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He’s put forth this prophecy that is quite frankly very surprising.  

I have both the YouTube video and the Facebook video copied below in case one gets taken down. 

In short, here’s what I understand him to be saying:  

He says Kamala Harris will indeed run for President in 2020.  She will become a main rival of Trump.  But she will be betrayed by the people who put her in power at some point during the process and she will become aware of it.  She’ll be dismayed that something like that could happen to her.  At that point, she’ll have a choice.  With her eyes opened, she’ll have a chance to essentially join the other team and expose the corruption.  

I don’t want to do any injustice to Shamp’s actual prophecy, so please watch the videos and listen in his own words.

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Then bookmark this page and let’s check back in a year from now, how does that sound?


The Kamala Harris Prophecy.

Posted by Charlie Shamp on Thursday, January 24, 2019

Love to get your thoughts!

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