A STAR IS BORN: “PLEASE Tell Me This Isn’t The Best You’ve Got…”

This guy is awesome!


I just came across this guy and he’s incredible!

He goes by the “Mind of Jamal” and he apparently listened to the entire Michael Cohen testimony while at work and he took to the camera to let loose with his thoughts!

“PLEASE tell me this isn’t all you got!” he says to the camera, speaking to the Democrats who paraded out Michael Cohen like he was some sort of star witness.

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Then he ripped them to shreds in awesome fashion!

It’s a really short clip, but I think you’re gonna love it.

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And I gotta say to “Mind of Jamal”….I think a new star is born.

I love this guy!  

Well done sir, you are a truly great Deplorable!

As of the time of this post, the video has over 670,000 views and shows no signs of slowing down.  



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