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DISCLOSURE: Insider Says Pentagon Report Confirming UFOs Coming Very Soon!


I’ve been telling you….UFO “disclosure” is coming very soon!

The real deal, not just “oh we have documented some unidentified flying objects”.

No, I’m talking disclosure that UFOs from other “worlds” using materials we have never seen before on this Earth are real.

And the space aliens?

That too.

Ancient Aliens” stuff.

Except longtime readers of WeLoveTrump will know I don’t believe they are “aliens” at all, but rather demons.  Nephilim.  Fallen angels.

But it’s all coming out very soon, and it’s going to absolutely rock a lot of people’s world and turn things upside down.

So stick with me and I’ll tell you what’s REALLY happening.

Here is the latest report just out tonight:

From the NY Post:

The US government is actually gearing up to share information about the “reality” of UFOs with the public — and not a moment too soon, says the man who claims to have run the Pentagon’s UFO program for 9 years.

Former President Donald Trump’s $2.3 trillion appropriation bill for 2021 contained a mandate that the Pentagon and spy agencies must file a report about “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAP. Most of us just call them flying saucers or UFOs.

Whatever the jargon, noted whistleblower Luis Elizondo — former head of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which operated out of the secretive fifth floor of the Pentagon’s C Ring — told The Post about the resulting blockbuster document, which is reportedly slated for release in June.

Tied to the mandate, Elizondo said the upcoming report touches down on the unexplainable. Longtime UFO believers are hungry for explanations of the tic-tac-shaped objects the Navy encountered in 2004, the strange “cubes within spheres” seen by Navy pilots in 2014, or the mysterious black triangles continually reported around the world.

Such details promise to come via the much anticipated report — and at least one evolution of belief: “I think the government has acknowledged the reality of UAP,” Elizondo exclusively told The Post, despite signing what he refers to as a “lifelong” NDA before he resigned from the Pentagon in 2017. “I think they all want answers and I think they are all willing to ask the hard questions.”

‘This is not a conversation like fine wine where the longer we keep a cork on it, the better it gets.’

During a press conference this week, Elizondo made clear that UFOs have been observed to have qualities that are nothing less than otherworldly. He described vessels flying at 11,000 miles-per-hour and being able to turn “instantly.”

Providing a comparison, he explained, for our most advanced jets going at the same speed, “if you wanted to make a right-hand turn, it would take you about half the state of Ohio to do it.”

He also detailed Spielberg-worthy operational capabilities that fall into the realm of “transmedium travel.” Elizondo explained that the eye-popping vessels can fly 50-feet above the Earth’s surface or 80,000 feet in the sky and even submerge underwater without a compromise in performance: “When you see that, you recognize you are dealing with a technology more advanced than ours.”

Even the way in which these inexplicable flying-machines manage to lift-off blows away rational engineering. “[These] things have no wings, no cockpits, no control surfaces, no rivets in the skin, no obvious signs of propulsion — and somehow they are able to defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravity,” Elizondo said. “How is that possible?”

Not only that, but Sara Carter reports that the pentagon has been testing alien material from crashes for decades (and we still don’t know what it is):

In another stunning admission the Pentagon has revealed that it has obtained and tested wreckage from Unidentified Flying Objects that have crashed on earth, according to numerous pages declassified in a Freedom of Information letter shared with The Sun media outlet.

According to a report in The Sun, Anthony Bragalia’s FOIA request to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), which requested details of all UFO material was approved for public release. Bragalia shared the information with The Sun, which published the documents. The documents stipulate that the United States DOD has conducted tests on material that had been collected from wreckage that allegedly was not from Earth.

The discovery of advanced life outside of our planet would be the one of the biggest revelations for mankind and would literally change the way we view ourselves and our universe.

I recently interviewed Luis ‘Lue’ Elizondo, a friend and the former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (ATTIP), the secretive Pentagon unit that studied UFOs. Elizondo discussed recent unexplained encounters between the U.S. military and the UFO’s on the The Sara Carter Show. He noted that the Defense Department has been conducting research into the mysteries of what is now more commonly described as Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, or UAPs. He also discussed the interest of other nations, including the recent admissions of senior Russian military officials who say Moscow is studying the same phenomenon and that there is concern that these crafts are interested in our Earth’s nuclear capabilities.

Your thoughts?

You ready for Disclosure?


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