Trump Prophet: "2018 Will See Largest Turnover in Midterms History"

Trump Prophet: “2018 Will See Largest Turnover in Midterms History”

You might recognize the name Mark Taylor.  He’s the firefighter who famously revealed a word from God and prophesied that Donald Trump would become President.

Now that’s not too impressive except when you realize that he did it before Donald Trump even announced he was running.  

Also remember that even on the morning of the election day, all the Crooked Media outlets were saying Hillary had a 91% chance of winning.  So yes, Taylor’s prediction was incredible on multiple levels.

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And now he’s back with another one.  He says the Midtern Elections in 2018 will set records for the largest turnover in recorded history.  

In other words?  The Swamp is draining!  Big time.  

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We’re only a few short months away, and I am beyond excited.  Can you imagine how much more productive Trump’s presidency would be if we flushed the Swamp Things down the drain and got some real patriots in there?  It’s going to happen!  

Please enjoy this video:

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