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Trump Prophet On Record, Predicts Largest Turnover In Midterms History For GOP

Will it happen? We will soon find out!


This is being posted on November 3, 2018, three days before the Midterm voting will be officially in the books!

Whether he’s right or wrong, one thing is for certain:  the prediction (or prophecy) is out there for all to see.  

So what has he been saying?  

First, he’s predicted the largest turnover in Midterms history in the following interview.

Here it is:


According to the YouTube timestamp, that was posted in January 2018.

Now, here's another one from July 2018.  

In this one, the YouTube description says:

In closing, Taylor says, “I don’t think there is going to be another Democrat in the White House for a long time, if ever again.  I believe you are seeing the death of the Democrat party right now.”

In the interview, Taylor also says very clearly that he doesn't think there will be anything like a Blue Wave.

"A Blue Trickle is all," he says.  

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Take a look, it's chalked full of relevant topics:

Both of these videos and prophecies were made well in advance of the actual Midterms or even polling data.

They also both came before the Kavanaugh hearings and the Migrant Caravan.

So much has happened in the news since they were made, but will the prophecies stand?

We will soon see!

But there's one more video I want to leave you with.  

This one comes from Trey Smith, and he also digs into prophecies surrounding the Midterms. 

Trey comes to the same conclusion and prophecy:  a big red wave is coming!

Here is his video:

So will these prophecies come to pass?

If they come out to be accurate, even in the face of current polls showing the Democrats have the best odds of taking the House, the Firefighter Prophet Mark Taylor will rise to new levels of prominence.

If the Red Wave doesn't materialize, will they be viewed as false prophets?


I can't wait to find out!

But either way, this post and the videos in this post are on the record - for better or worse.

Like Babe Ruth, they've called their shot.

Now we watch and see.

Stay good, friends.



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