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ABC News Report: Trump Deploying An Army Favorite To Stop The Caravan

That's gonna hurt!


President Trump has made it very clear that border security is his top priority.

He’s also proven very reliable that he keeps his word.

Unlike Obama, Trump doesn’t draw a red line and then step right over it.

So it doesn’t seem very wise that this caravan seems intent on challenging the most powerful man in the world with the most powerful army at his comment, but so be it!

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A new report from ABC News just revealed that Trump and his army will be deploying an old army favorite to stop the caravan:  concertina wire.


From ABC News:

“I think the president has made it clear that border security is national security,” said O'Shaughnessy. “That's the direction we are given. That's the direction we are marching to. Our orders are very clear. We are engaged and here to support CBP. We are going to secure the border.”

He described the 5,200 troops to be deployed as just “the start of this operation” that could be adjusted as needed.

According to O'Shaughnessy, the active duty troops will help “harden” the border using the Army Corps of Engineers and construction units that will build vehicle barriers and fencing. Like the 2,100 National Guardsmen already deployed in a similar mission, the active duty troops will not carry out law enforcement duties, since that is prohibited by the federal law kn9own as Posse Comitatus.

“Everything that we are doing is in line with and adherence to Posse Comitatus,” said O’Shaughnessy.

As part of a 45-day mission, the active duty forces will begin arriving in ports of entry in a support role and then move onto other support projects like construction of temporary housing for Customs and Border Protection personnel, medical support and use helicopters to transport CBP officers to hard to reach areas along the border.

The helicopter units will also use their sophisticated equipment "to spot, identify groups and rapidly deploy CBP personnel where they are needed."

Northhcom has already begun pre-positioning gear to the border area.

“We have enough concertina wire to cover up to 22 miles, already deployed already to the border,” said O'Shaughnessy. “We have additional concertina wire that we can string, with over 150 miles available.”

Honduran migrants taking part in a caravan to the U.S., on Mexican soil after crossing the Suchiate River, Oct. 20, 2018.

About 1,800 active duty forces are planned to be sent to Texas; 1,700 to Arizona and 1,500 to California said multiple U.S. officials. The specific states were selected to match the support requirements made by Customs and Border Protection.

Last week, in an exclusive interview with ABC News, Vice President Mike Pence would not rule out the option of closing down the border ahead of the midterm elections. Asked if the president is mulling an executive order to stop all immigration at the border, Pence said: "What we need to do is secure our border. The president will take steps to do that. But we also need to reform our laws."

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So, what is concertina wire?

Also called "razer wire" Wikipedia explains:

Barbed wire obstacles were vulnerable to being pushed about by artillery shells; in World War I, this frequently resulted in a mass of randomly entangled wires that could be even more daunting than a carefully constructed obstacle. Learning this lesson, World War I soldiers would deploy barbed wire in so-called concertinas that were relatively loose. Barbed wire concertinas could be prepared in the trenches and then deployed in no-man's-land relatively quickly under cover of darkness.

There was what might be called a concertina craze on: innumerable coils of barbed wire were converted into concertinas by the simple process of winding them round and round seven upright stakes in the ground; every new lap of wire was fastened to the one below it at every other stake by a twist of plain wire; the result, when you came to the end of a coil and lifted the whole up off the stakes was heavy ring of barbed wire that concertina'd out into ten-yard lengths.[4]

Concertina wire packs flat for ease of transport and can then be deployed as an obstacle much more quickly than ordinary barbed wire, since the flattened coil of wire can easily be stretched out, forming an instant obstacle that will at least slow enemy passage. Several such coils with a few stakes to secure them in place are just as effective as an ordinary barbed wire fence, which must be built by driving stakes and running multiple wires between them..

A platoon of soldiers can deploy a single concertina fence at a rate of about a kilometer per hour. Such an obstacle is not very effective by itself (although it will still hinder an enemy advance under the guns of the defenders), and concertinas are normally built up into more elaborate patterns as time permits.

Today, concertina wire is factory made and is available in forms that can be deployed very rapidly from the back of a vehicle or trailer.[5]

Check out these awesome vids showing it's power:

I know this much, that's nothing I want to mess with!

Good luck Caravan!  😱



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