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Tucker Carlson Issues Warning About Centralized Digital Currency (CBDCs)


On Monday, Tucker Carlson discussed the Silicon Valley Bank collapse and the ensuing calamity in the financial industry.

The morning’s chaos featured halted trading and plummeting stocks on numerous banks.

As WeLoveTrump noted Sunday, the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department caved, saying they will make all depositors whole — regardless of the $250,000 normal FDIC limit.

BREAKING: The Fed and Treasury Just Caved!

After saying earlier in the day that bailouts were off the table, we’re suddenly right back to 2008 again and protecting the rich and the “too big to fail."

Carlson explained that the Biden administration's bailout of Silicon Valley Bank won't be without something in return.

The federal government will seek more power and control over the financial industry.

"What we know is the Biden administration is backstopping these deposits," Carlson said.

"They're doing this. What are they going to get in return?"

"We know we're about to see bank consolidation. Big banks eating little banks and that means less competition. More consolidation means more government control," he added.

"So, what are they going to do with that control?" Carlson asked.

"Well, all things being equal, if people don't start making a lot of noise and exerting an awful lot of pressure, it'll mean digital currency. A currency that politicians control," he explained.

"Sign up for the CBDC app to get your food stamps!" Carlson declared.

"You think that's not coming? Of course it's coming."

Watch the full clip on Rumble courtesy of The Gateway Pundit:

WeLoveTrump has warned readers for months about the dangers of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

WATCH: The Plot To Enslave Every Man, Woman, And Child Is Here—Why We Must Stop CBDCs

Central bank digital currencies have programmable features and can be used to stifle dissent as the government or an employer can choose to lock out bank accounts and decline the use of this money in any unsanctioned place.

If an employer or the government doesn’t want you spending money on something they can just add some code to the CBDC protocol so you can’t spend the money on that particular item or in that particular place.

In short, these CBDCs are not even money; they’re vouchers as Maajid Nawaz explains:

In short, CBDCs are the tool for financial enslavement of the masses.

The White House and Federal Reserve have been quietly building the infrastructure for CBDCs.

MUST-WATCH: Northern Ireland Financial Investor Melissa Ciummei “The Pandemic Will End When the Digital Monetary System Is In Place”

From our prior report:

The Federal Reserve is set to bring CBDCs to the United States.

We the People must reject this at ALL COSTS!

“The U.S. Federal Reserve has tightened the window for the launch of its FedNow instant payments platform to between May and July of 2023,” CoinDesk reported.

The instant payments service is a step toward the eventual rollout of a CBDC.

With a CBDC, citizens lose 100% of their financial freedom to the government and central bank.

The institution of a digitalized, totalitarian slave-state will be complete.

Chair of the Federal Reserve Jerome H. Powell said, “Rapid changes are taking place in the global monetary system that may affect the international role of the dollar.”

A U.S. central bank digital currency is being examined to “help the U.S. Dollar’s international standing.”


From CoinDesk:

According to a press release, FedNow will be open to financial institutions of any size, allowing them to facilitate instant payments for consumers and businesses, giving customers immediate full access to funds. The platform is currently in pilot phase with more than 120 organizations participating, including lender U.S. Bank and payment processor Alacriti Payments among them.

Initially announced in August 2020 by then-Fed Governor (now Vice Chair) Lael Brainard, the FedNow platform is seen as a stepping stone to an eventual central bank digital currency (CBDC).

“The benefits of instant payments are increasingly important to consumers and businesses, and the ability to provide this service will be critical for financial institutions to remain competitive,” Ken Montgomery, FedNow Service program executive, said in the central bank’s press release.

The "too big to fail" banks have partnered with the Federal Reserve to test CBDCs, so they're on board with the plan for digital financial enslavement of the American people.

Global banking institutions, such as Citibank, HSBC, Mastercard, and Wells Fargo, partnered with the New York Federal Reserve to start a 12-week “digital dollar” pilot.

New York Federal Reserve Partners with Banking Giants to Start 12-Week “Digital Dollar” Pilot

Although financial institutions claim a digital dollar boosts speed and convenience, the real reason for them is CONTROL and SURVEILLANCE.

Every single purchase you make with digital dollars will be tracked by the government and banks.




We the People must resist!


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