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WATCH: The Plot To Enslave Every Man, Woman, And Child Is Here—Why We Must Stop CBDCs


Let me ask you a simple question: do you trust the government?

The correct answer to this is “hell no, I read WeLoveTrump, TruthLion, and other sources of independent media”…

Anyone who reads anything we put out knows that the government cannot and should never be trusted…

These people can’t even create a functioning website let alone handle healthcare, public safety, economics, and a whole host of other issues.

Not only do they do a poor job out of sheer incompetence, but they’re evil too…

That’s right, they’re not simply stupid as so many of us like to say, but many of them are straight up evil—this occurs on the local, state, and federal levels of government.

If the military service attracts some of the best people in our country, government attracts the absolute worst people in our society.

These people are constantly thinking up new ways of accruing more power while simultaneously eroding our rights and personal liberty—the highest ideal one can aspire to.

The most recent of these complex schemes to further erode our liberties and place us under ever greater control is something known as central bank digital currencies or CBDCs for short…

These CBDCs are blockchain based cryptocurrencies that act as programmable money and are a state attempt to compete with private sector and independent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Central bank digital currencies have programmable features and can be used to stifle dissent as the government or an employer can choose to lock out bank accounts and decline the use of this money in any unsanctioned place.

If an employer or the government doesn’t want you spending money on something they can just add some code to the CBDC protocol so you can’t spend the money on that particular item or in that particular place.

In short, these CBDCs are not even money; they’re vouchers as Maajid Nawaz explains:

National Review explains:

CBDCs work by marrying the technology underlying Bitcoin with the monetary policies of traditional fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar or the renminbi.

But unlike Bitcoin, whose transactions run on a decentralized network and are impossible to censor, CBDCs are wholly controlled and tracked by the government. Despite official denials, China’s digital yuan project — called e-CNY — will enable the government to achieve total financial surveillance of its population.

Every time a Chinese citizen buys so much as a soft drink, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) will know about it.

In combination with China’s “social credit” system, the e-CNY will also enable China to directly send money to, and take money from, favored and disfavored individuals.


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ProCoin News reports that the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank has released a white paper detailing a digital Dollar CBDC:

The whitepaper, however, does not conclude with whether the Federal Reserve was actually going to launch a digital dollar which left some readers confused.

They also clarified that if they did move ahead with the launch of a CBDC, they would need the support of both Congress and the president.

The whitepaper goes into detail about functions and utilities that a CDBC would have particularly for the United States economy.


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