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ROYAL FAMILY: “A Homosexual With A Lust For Young Boys”


Ahhh, the Royal Family…

Why so many people adore and idolize these people will never make sense to me!

First of all, we fought a war to get away from them!

Anyone remember that?

Second, they’re downright creepy!

Remember Prince Andrew?  Best friends with Jeffrey Epstein and Jizzlaine Maxwell?

Right, we all remember that.

And the Queen…I’m not even going to get into that right now.

I’ll stay silent on her for the time being.

Except, I will make this one point: it appears that Epstein and Maxwell vacationed at the Queen’s very own Cabin.

Take a look for yourself:

But let’s set aside the Queen for the moment.

I want to talk about Lord Mountbatten.

Ever heard of him?

If not, this might be a very good time to learn about him, because you have Prince Andrew, Lord Mountbatten, Jimmy Saville, and countless others who all seem to be best buds…and for some reason all have a really creepy predilection for young sex.  Mostly young boys, it seems.

Take a look:

Charming fellow:

Here’s more, from IrishCentral:

An FBI dossier on Mountbatten, released in 2019, thanks to a Freedom of Information request, reveals shocking information about the royal who was a mentor to his grand-nephew Prince Charles.

The 75-year-old intelligence files describe Louis Mountbatten, the 1st Earl of Burma, and his wife Edwina as “persons of extremely low morals” and contain information suggesting that Lord Mountbatten was a pedophile with “a perversion for young boys.”

When the Baroness Decies, Elizabeth de la Poer Beresford, was being interviewed by the FBI about another topic, she raised concerns about Lord Mountbatten.

Per the Sunday Times:

The file reads: “She states that in these circles Lord Louis Mountbatten and his wife are considered persons of extremely low morals.

“She stated that Lord Louis Mountbatten was known to be a homosexual with a perversion for young boys.
“In Lady Decies’ opinion he is an unfit man to direct any sort of military operations because of this condition. She stated further that his wife Lady Mountbatten was considered equally erratic.’

The interview was signed “EE Conroy”, head of the New York field office, who wrote that she “appears to have no special motive in making the above statements.”
Lownie’s book also includes an interview with Anthony Daly, work worked as a rent boy for London’s rich and famous during the 1970s. Daly claims that “Mountbatten had something of a fetish for uniforms — handsome young men in military uniforms (with high boots) and beautiful boys in school uniform.”

Newsweek has speculated whether television series The Crown, which hasn’t shied away from addressing royal scandals and rumors in the past, will broach the question of Lord Mountbatten’s friendship with the DJ Jimmy Savile. Hundreds of accusations of predatory and pedophilic sexual abuse against Savile were investigated following his death in 2011:

“It’s not clear whether The Crown will ever address Mountbatten’s friendship with Savile, sometimes linked to the investigation of Kincora Boys’ Home in Ireland, a school that many believe housed a pedophilia ring for powerful British men. The show has certainly fictionalized rumors regarding the royal family, but even hinting that Mountbatten (or Charles) knew his buddy Savile had dark intentions would be a daring—perhaps even damning—move.”

Mountbatten holidayed every summer at Classiebawn Castle on Mullaghmore Harbor in County Sligo. On August 27, 1979, he was killed in a bomb attack carried out by the IRA.

Birds of a feather:

Don’t forget about Jimmy Saville:

Sick stuff:

And from TheMirror:

Lord Mountbatten was “a homosexual with a perversion for young boys”, according to newly released FBI files.

The decorated war hero – who was a valued mentor to great-nephew Prince Charles and was said to have counselled him on his love life – was under US surveillance for more than three decades.

And one source described the Earl and wife Edwina as “persons of extremely low morals” – with him being “an unfit man to direct any sort of military operations” because of his sexual tastes.

The files emerged after historian Andrew Lownie used freedom of information laws while researching his new book about the couple, The Mountbattens: Their Lives & Loves.

It follows years of speculation over the private life of Mountbatten, who once said he and Edwina “spent all our married lives getting into other people’s beds”.

In Mr Lownie’s book, Ron Perks, who was the Earl’s driver in Malta in 1948, breaks his silence to claim one of his favourite places was the Red House near Rabat, “an upmarket gay brothel used by naval officers”.

And Anthony Daly, a rent boy to the rich and famous in the 1970s, claims he was told “Mountbatten had something of a fetish for uniforms — handsome young men in ­military uniforms and beautiful boys in school uniform”.

The first FBI files on the Earl date to February 1944 – soon after he was made supreme allied commander in south-east Asia during the Second World War.

Speaking of Charles…

And since we’re talking about perversion in the Royal Family, anyone remember this?

Real story!

Can you imagine what horrors he must have been experiencing inside that castle to climb out naked and by all accounts fall to his death?

TheMirror had previously covered this as well:

This extraordinary video clip appears to show a man scaling Buckingham Palace – completely nude.

The shocking clip was posted on YouTube earlier today and has so far been watched by more than 500 people.

Twitter users have also posted pictures of the bizarre scene online.

It appears to show a man climbing down from a window before falling spectacularly.

The incident was captured by bystanders standing over the road from the royal residence.

So, what do you think about the Royyyyyyals?




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