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Timothy Dixon: Uncovering the Capitol PLUS Message For Ted Wheeler and Kate Brown


Timothy Dixon is back with a special message directed right at Mayor Ted Wheeler and Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon.

Don’t be misled, God is not mocked.

And do not mistake his slowness for his acceptance of what you all have done.

That’s a very short recap of what Timothy Dixon has for these two in a brand new prophetic message he was given.

That plus a big update on uncovering the Capitol.

I hope everyone will take time to listen to this.


And a backup on Rumble if that gets taken down.

Because a lot of times they do.

If you enjoyed that, make sure you also catch his other recent messages.

These have been the most popular:

Timothy Dixon: A Former First Lady Is About To Meet Her Maker (9/14/22)

Oh my…

This one is sure to be polarizing.

Many of you will cheer (I was inclined to do so).

Many of you will still feel sorry for you.

Timothy Dixon himself says he can’t find it in his heart to cheer for her demise.

But he did deliver the prophetic message very clearly.

He said in no uncertain terms that God told him a former First Lady did not have much longer on this Earth.

Final breaths, I think he said.

Then without saying the name, he made very clear who it was.

This is one of those where I’m going to even attempt to paraphrase much more, I just need you to watch and listen exactly as Timothy says it.

Watch here:

And in case YouTube takes that down, which they probably will…no worries!

Backup on Rumble here:

What do you say…

Also from Timothy Dixon…

Have you seen this?

Timothy Dixon: FOUR Presidential Elections Will Be Overturned + FBI

Major update to share from Timothy Dixon…

And I think you’re really going to enjoy this.

There’s a lot in here and although it’s very nice I usually skip the guitar part in the beginning (speeds things up).

The biggest thing that jumped out at me is he says not only Trump’s election but FOUR Presidential Elections will be shown to be invalid and will be overturned.

I have to assume they are recent ones, so perhaps Obama 1 and 2, Trump and then Bush or Clinton?

99.9% Fine Silver MAGA Collector Coins!


There’s also a lot of talk in here about the FBI and what’s coming for them.

Buckle up and enjoy this one because it’s really good!

Backup here on Rumble:


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