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MIT Study Confirms Vaccine Skeptics ‘Highly Informed, Scientifically Literate,’ and ‘Sophisticated’


The Left has been having a tough time lately. Despite what mainstream media will tell you, things haven’t been going well.

Biden’s job numbers are tanking as red states like Florida and Texas are flourishing and blue states like New York and California using the Democrat reopening handbook are failing miserably.

The border, under Kamala’s ignorance, has created the largest migrant crisis in the last fifty years.

Most embarrassing is that Joe has missed his vaccine targets. Over. And Over.

Of course, this can’t be Joe Biden’s fault. He’s perfect.

Mainstream media has been quick to defend their sleepy savior at all costs even going as far as blaming Facebook and Twitter for not doing more to silence free speech.

In case you missed it, Biden and the White House have accused social media giants of killing Americans because they refuse to get rid of “vaccine misinformation” spread by “rightwing nut jobs”.

Watch this video of Joe himself, rising from his nap to scapegoat big tech for his failures.

You know that Joe’s getting desperate when he’s even willing to blame some of his greatest allies for his blunders and mistakes in leadership. Big tech must be behind on their political contributions.

What’s even worse for Joe Biden is that he can’t even rely on traditionally liberal institutions to back him anymore.

Harvard came out with a study that confirmed that the majority of American parents view Critical Race Theory as detrimental to American society.

In fact, it was one of the studies used by opponents to get him to back down on a grant program rewarding schools that were willing to teach CRT.

Et Tu, Brute, Harvard. Et …Tu… Brute.

Recently, MIT has come out to accidentally contradict Joe Biden on one of his favorite lines of attack against those skeptical of getting the vaccine.

For months, the Biden administration has declared anyone raising questions about the vaccine as “ignorant”, “uninformed” and my personal favorite, “neanderthals”.

In the eyes of the Left, if you dare question vaccines, you are a moron.

Turns out that research done by MIT has discovered that the opposite is true. National Review has more on this.

A study from MIT shows how coronavirus skeptics have marshalled data visualizations online to argue against public health orthodoxy about the benefits of mask mandates. Such “counter-visualizations” are often quite sophisticated, using datasets from official sources and state-of-the-art visualization methods.

The researchers combed through hundreds of thousands of social media posts and found that coronavirus skeptics often deploy counter-visualizations alongside the same “follow-the-data” rhetoric as public health experts,

That’s quite a level of sophistication coming from Americans that Kamala doesn’t believe can operate a copy machine.

In fact, based on the report from MIT, it turns out that “anti-maskers” were even more sophisticated in their use of data and information visualization than those that were for masking.

They used their computational approach on Twitter, scraping nearly half a million tweets that referred to both “Covid-19” and “data.” With those tweets, the researchers generated a network graph to find out “who’s retweeting whom and who likes whom,” says Lee.

“We basically created a network of communities who are interacting with each other.” Clusters included groups like the “American media community” or “antimaskers.” The researchers found that antimask groups were creating and sharing data visualizations as much as, if not more than, other groups.

Not bad for a group of “Neanderthals” right Joe?

An interesting point that was made in the study was that the conclusions skeptics were drawing are based on the same data and research that Biden’s propaganda team uses to argue the opposite.

And those visualizations weren’t sloppy. “They are virtually indistinguishable from those shared by mainstream sources,” says Satyanarayan. “They are often just as polished as graphs you would expect to encounter in data journalism or public health dashboards.”

It’s easy to buy into the onslaught of mainstream hate. But as this study shows, it’s important to ignore the narratives and look at the facts. The reality is that conservatives and those that question the effectiveness of the vaccine are not crazy. We are not illiterate and we are not without the facts.

“It’s a very striking finding,” says Lee. “It shows that characterizing antimask groups as data-illiterate or not engaging with the data, is empirically false.”

Hopefully, this study from our new friends at MITC serves as a little encouragement to keep up the good fight.


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