Check Out My New Site, NoahReport!


Hey friends!

Noah here with a special announcement.

Since 2015, I have brought you the REAL news here on WeLoveTrump.

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Now I’m expanding.

I just launched a new site called

If you used to be a fan of Drudge, but now hate it (like me) I think you’re gonna LOVE my new site.

I’m still going to be running WeLoveTrump just like normal, nothing will change here.

But I’m now publishing NoahReport to bring you MUCH more news throughout the day.

In fact, I think you’re gonna want to bookmark NoahReport and make it your homepage.

Visit NoahReport here.

It pulls in news from all the places you know and trust.

First, of course, it will feature my articles published on WeLoveTrump.

But that’s not all.

A lot of other people are doing great work every single day.

Like my friends at The Gateway Pundit.

Jim Hoft has been doing wonderful reporting throughout the election.

So you’ll see his articles on there.

I’ve also teamed up with guys like Rush Limbaugh, the Western Journal and Breitbart to display their stories too!

Here’s the full list of what you’ll see when you visit NoahReport:

And here’s what the site looks like.

It’s updated constantly throughout the day as I add new breaking articles, but it will always look something like this. 👇

You like it?

Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think!


Drop me a comment below or send me an email.

Let me know if you bookmarked it and made it your new homepage!

See you over there!


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