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Kurt Russell Offers Harsh Words for Hollywood – Stay Out of Politics


Hollywood is such a lefty cesspool that it’s a breathe of fresh air when common sense leaks.

Acting legend Kurt Russell blasted many of his peers for always being compelled to insert themselves into politics.

Here’s more info on Russell’s scathing Hollywood burn:

Nothing more than court jesters.


But that pretty much sums up the role of Hollywood in the sphere of politics.

Because no matter how much they try, celebrities can never relate to common working people.

And it always comes off pompous and out of touch with reality.

It’s a different ballgame if a celebrity wishes to get involved in politics after their career to make a positive difference for the people.

Case in point, actor and 40th president Ronald Reagan.

But in most cases today, it’s certainly not a Reagan student echoing political statements from Hollywood.

What we get is the latest unwanted subscription of wokeism fed to us daily.

Most actors are puppets for Democrats and mainstream media, and many are oblivious to this.

Some are complicit, sadly.

The Hill discussed more details about Russell’s interview:

Kurt Russell says Hollywood and politics just don’t mix and that actors should “step away from saying anything” political.

“I’ve always been someone who felt we are court jesters. That’s what we do,” the “Furious 7” star said in an interview with The New York Times published Wednesday.

“As far as I’m concerned, you should step away from saying anything so that you can still be seen by the audience in any character,” added Russell, 69.

The performer, promoting his new Netflix film “The Christmas Chronicles” alongside his longtime partner, Goldie Hawn, conceded that there’s “no reason entertainers can’t learn just as much as anybody else about a subject, whatever it is.”

“But I think that what’s sad about it is that they lose their status as a court jester. And I’m a court jester. That’s what I was born to do,” he said.

Hawn pointed out in the joint interview a famed example of an actor-turned-commander in chief.

“I’m just saying [Ronald Reagan] definitely was a well-known actor,” she told the Times. “I think it’s a personal choice whether you want to get into that. The one thing I don’t agree with is that just because we have a platform we always have to use it. That is our choice.”

Kudos to Russell for his sound advice!


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