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WATCH: Bannon’s War Room Shows Blue Urban Cities Turn Red In ASTONISHING Numbers!


If the 2020 Presidential election showed us anything positive, it was that typical Blue cities turned Red for Trump.

Even with the big steal, President Trump still managed to turn Democrat hotbeds, Republican!

On Steve Bannon’s War Room, Cortes mentions that this flipping isn’t unique to Texas.

President Trump also DOUBLED his total in the Bronx, NY, which is 90% minority!

He also doubled his raw vote total in another very deep Blue area of America.

In LA County, President Trump gained 500,000 votes!

Cortes says these are signs that our movement is working.

He mentioned that although our situation is dire, the tide is clearly turning our favor.

On his show, Steve Bannon highlighted the Texas mayoral race to demonstrate how patriots are winning.

The outcomes of the Mayoral race in Texas show diverse urban locals elect Republicans for the first time. 

Cities such as Fort Worth, Arlington, and McAllen (a “majority-minority” city) turned Red!

Even the mainstream media noticed that typically Blue cities are voting Republican.

Here is what Newsweek reported on Texas’ Mayoral race:


Ronna McDaniel, the chair of the Republican National Committee, called Villalobos’ victory and another Republican mayoral win in Fort Worth a sign that voters are rejecting the Biden administration’s “failed policies.”

“Whether rejecting a crisis at the border or a squandered economic recovery, these municipalities moved decidedly toward the GOP, because our policies work,” McDaniel wrote on Twitter.

Governor Greg Abbott also said the victory was a signal that Hispanic voters want to “help keep Texas Red.”

“Republicans celebrate mayoral win in majority-Hispanic border city, McAllen, Texas,” Abbott wrote on Twitter. “Republicans and Hispanics in Texas share common values, and more Hispanics are voting Republican and getting elected as Republicans. They want to help keep Texas Red.”

Many of the Texas voters want to make sure Texas stays Red amid the Biden Admin.

An article on Fox News reports that Hispanics have a more positive sentiment toward the GOP than they had in January:

The trend dates back to the 2020 presidential election, according to Valletta, when then-President Trump saw big gains with Latino voters, most notably in Florida.

“We saw it in McAllen, Texas, and it’s also what helped President Trump win those border towns, which surprised the Democrats and also secured 48 percent of those Latino votes in Florida and other places,” Valletta said.

An analysis by Culturintel, a data science affiliate of Valletta’s CIEN+, showed positive sentiment of Hispanics towards the GOP has increased by eight percent from January to May 2021. Valleta sees the trend extending to future elections.

“A lot of these elections we are seeing now are a signal of what is to come in 2024,” Valletta said. “[Analysis] has shown an eight-point increase in a post-Trump era among Hispanics, which is indicative of something bigger that rises above the personality and the tensions of Trump and the media. And all of that is back to the policies that work and what our community is looking for and progress, business opportunity and living that American dream.”

Are minority voters turning out in larger numbers for President Trump and Republicans, noticing Biden’s failed policies?

On Steve Bannon’s War Room, Cortes made predictions about the 2022 midterm election.

Cortes states that Republicans will win a “Secretariat-style” victory as long as Republicans have the right candidates and focus on America-first policies.

You can watch the entire interview from Bannon’s War Room safely on Rumble below:

Bannon said it’s mathematically impossible to have these results in big Blue cities but have different results in other Blue cities- “this is the steal,” He says.

With the audits full steam ahead, nothing can stop what’s to come in 2022.

Do you think America-first policies are winning over the silent majority in America?


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