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“Inhumane And Racist” House Just Opened Federal Funding To Export Abortions Globally


The Left has been spending a lot of money lately. With the trillions of dollars going out the door, their hope is that you won’t pay attention to what it’s being spent on.

It’s been well documented how much of the money for “Coronavirus relief” has not actually gone to the American people but to those that stand to profit on other’s misery.

Look, even Greenpeace is upset:

Let’s not even get started on Gavin Newsom and how his net worth magically exploded once the pandemic hit California.

What is happening right now in The House of Representatives is crossing the line from corrupt, reprehensible, and lawless into the world of the immoral.

What they have just done with the $253.8 billion appropriations package for the Department of Health and Human Services opens up taxpayer dollars to be spent on abortions not only nationally but internationally.

Just the News has more on this.

Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee have voted to greenlight federal funding of abortions domestically and internationally.

The $253.8 billion appropriations package for the Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, and Education increases federal spending on those departments by 28% over last year’s levels.

That’s a lot of extra spending for departments that already got billions in additional funding to deal with the pandemic.

How does this increase in spending open up federal dollars to be spent on abortions?

In the distraction of all this spending and media distraction, Democrats in the House have tried to leave out a key piece of legislation called the Hyde Amendment.

The bill leaves out the longstanding Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding of abortion.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops had called on legislators to include the Hyde Amendment in the legislation before its passage out of the committee. This marks the first time since 1976 the Hyde Amendment could be excluded from the federal budget. It is unclear when the full House will take up the bill.

Before you think this was just an oversite, Republican representatives have already tried to get the Hyde Amendment added to the legislation and it’s been totally shot down by Democrats.

A Republican amendment introduced by Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole that would have added the Hyde amendment language to the bill was shot down by the Democrats.

“I do recognize that the issue of abortion is emotionally charged and that many Americans have differing points of view,” he said. “But even for Americans who consider themselves pro-choice on this issue, many if not most don’t believe tax dollars should be used for abortion.”

Things are more dire with Democrats being in control of the House. In reality, they don’t need any agreement from Republicans to get this passed.

To make things worse, the Senate is full of RINOs that are willing to sell out conservative Americans if it means their pet projects for their donors get approved.

You gotta love the feigned outrage and virtue signalling coming from Republicans. Mitch McConnel came out and made his disapproval known. In case you don’t remember, Mitch was the guy that handed the GA Senate elections to the Democrats on a silver platter just days before the election.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed President Biden and the Democrats for supporting the elimination of the Hyde Amendment during a speech on the Senate floor.

“For decades, nearly his entire career, then-Senator Joe Biden was a reliable supporter of Hyde protections,” McConnell said on Thursday. “But a couple of years ago on the presidential campaign trail, our former colleague changed his tune. He let the demands of the increasingly radical left overcome a principle he had held literally for decades.”

Save it, Mitch. Just save it. Take your Chinese Communist Party money and use it to shut your mouth.

Paired with the elimination of the Helms Amendment a few months ago, excluding the Hyde Amendment allows federal funding for abortions to be spent in other parts of the world.

Earlier this month, the House Appropriations Committee voted to eliminate the longstanding Helms Amendment in a $62 billion foreign aid bill it passed. The amendment prevents taxpayer funds from paying for abortions outside of the U.S.

That’s right, besides ending the lives of our own babies, Democrats want to end the lives of babies in other countries too.

Most Americans would agree with the Jesse Helms Center on what is going on.

“The Helms Amendment has been a tenet of American policy for decades, one supported by Helms and Joe Biden when he was in the Senate,” said Brian Rogers, president of the Jesse Helms Center in Wingate, N.C. “In my view, this push by the left today to end human life is abundantly inhumane and horribly racist.”

This move is indeed inhuman and racist.

It’s too much to get into now, but for those that have studied Planned Parenthood’s roots, it is clear from the founder’s own writings that it was intended to be a tool of genocide against the African American population.

Now, do you think our abortion dollars are going to go to Sweden, France, and Germany? No. They are going to be going to third-world countries whose populations are non-white.

Racist indeed. This coming from the party that claims they are the voice of the minority in America.

I’ll leave you with the demented logic of the head of the appropriations committee who is going to be largely responsible for dispersing this money to fund abortions all over the globe.

Democratic lawmakers who oppose the Helms Amendment and Hyde Amendment, such as House Appropriations Chairwoman Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), argue that they discriminate against low-income and minority women abroad by denying them U.S. funding for abortion.

“The Hyde amendment is a discriminatory policy,” DeLauro said on Thursday

Interesting how Democrats have a way of spinning mass genocide as an act of compassion. I think I speak for Americans everywhere when I ask them to be “less compassionate”.



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