Chelsea Handler Demands Trump Be Blocked Twitter: "Terrorizing the country he swore to serve”

Chelsea Handler Demands Trump Be Blocked Twitter: “Terrorizing the country he swore to serve”

Well, it appears the leftists are out to try and stir up any kind of trouble they can get themselves into…but really?

It amazes me how they think this is actively helping their side look better and gain more votes…I mean really falsely accusing the current president and active candidate for inciting violence through Twitter?

If it wasn’t such an important time with the elections coming up, it would almost be funny. But it’s really just sad to see how deluded people are.

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See it for yourself:

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Breitbart News reports: 

“The discord in today’s America is being caused by Trump. If you are scared and fearful, it is because of him and his supporters who own guns,” she tweeted. “If you are rich, and are thinking about your taxes, remember that a vote for Trump is a vote for white supremacy.”

Handler also pleaded with Twitter to shut down President Trump’s account, falsely claiming that the president is encouraging violence. “He is harming Americans every day, and encouraging violence. This is not free speech. He is terrorizing the country he swore to serve,” she tweeted.

Chelsea Handler further lashed out at gun-carrying Trump supporters, comparing them unfavorably to Jacob Blake, whom she described as “innocent” despite reports that he scuffled with police before they opened fire on him. Police were trying to arrest Blake on outstanding warrants for sexual assault, criminal trespassing, and disorderly conduct.

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