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EPSTEIN TAKEDOWN: Donald Trump Told Us All What He Was Going To Do Back In 2012!


Are you surprised by the Epstein news?

In the sense of how he avoided the law for so long and finally now has been arrested?

Many thought justice would never prevail.

Many gave up hope.

Many got cynical.

But I’m here to ask you this…..why are you surprised by what’s happening?

President Trump (just “Donald Trump” back then) told us all what he was going to do back in 2012.

Check out this Tweet that many forgot about but we didn’t:


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The Truth Behind Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein

Yes folks, that Tweet is real. 

You can go to Twitter right now and see it on there.

It's not a screenshot or a Photoshop.

Our man President Trump is a GOOD man.

I believe he saw what was happening in this country, which is not just the corruption in Washington, D.C. but also all the perverted sex cults and sex abductions of children and he finally said enough is enough.

This Tweet is evidence of that.

Way before he officially announced his run for President in June of 2015, it's clear that his mind was moving in that direction as early as 2012.

He'd seen the scum of the Earth and he couldn't stand by any longer knowing he could fix it.

You see, for most people, even if you take the red pill and really see all the disgusting things happening in our world, most people can't do anything about it.

We can get mad, talk to friends, post online, but that's about it.

But Trump?

He knew he could do something.

He knew he had $10 billion in the bank and may have been the only person on Earth with enough toughness and money to run for President without any strings attached.

His own man.

Not part of the Swamp.

And he knew he could win.

And he knew once he won, he truly could clean up some of the sickest atrocities caused by these Satanic Pedophiles and he just couldn't stand to live any longer on the sidelines.

That's my belief, but I believe the Tweet bears it out.

And what has he done since getting into office?

WAY more than the Mainstream Media would ever report.

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Look at this terrific list of Satanic Sex Traffickers BUSTED under President Trump's watch, (thank you to the Church Militant for this amazing reporting):

The MSM refuses to report on President Trump's war on pedophiles and on child sex-trafficking rings in spite of the recent avalanche of arrests which include the following:

  • Jan. 27: 42 arrested in a human trafficking operation in Tennessee
  • Jan. 29: 474 arrested in California (28 sexually-exploited children were rescued)
  • Jan. 18 to Feb 5: 108 arrested in Illinois sex-trafficking sting
  • Jan. up until Super Bowl Sunday: 178 arrested in Texas sex-trafficking sting
  • Jan: 16 arrested in Michigan for sex trafficking during the Detroit Auto Show
  • Feb: 11 arrested in Virginia child-sex sting
  • Feb. 14: 42 arrested in Florida child pornography related cases

The supposedly "unbiased" MSM has no qualms about quickly reporting on every sex abuse scandal involving the Catholic Church. The liberal media's ever-changing morality towards the grave evils of pederasty and pedophilia, however, has caused some journalists to question whether their tears are real or fake.

And here's one more telegraph Trump put out there.  

I'm not sure of the date of this, but the YouTube upload is June 2016, so it's at least that old, maybe older. 

President Trump is asked by CNN about Bill Clinton and his answer makes it very clear what will happen in the future (say, 2019?).

His response about Clinton:

Nice guy, a lot of problems coming up in my opinion with the famous island with Jeffrey Epstein, a lot of problems!

Watch it here:

There you go folks!

President Trump has ALWAYS been telling us what was coming next, we just didn't see it!


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