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The Truth Behind Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein

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After “alleged” pervert Jeffrey Epstein was arrested yesterday, the reports immediately started flowing in about who was connected to Epstein.

The two biggest names are Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.

We’ve got all the details for you on the Clinton connection right here:

CLINTON CONNECTED? Details Behind Bill Clinton’s 26 RIDES On The “Lolita Express”!

But then some trolls started trying to connect Donald Trump to Jeffrey Epstein.

The only problem?  

Facts and the truth.

As best we can surmise, Donald Trump did know Jeffrey Epstein many years ago.  

It appears that Trump thought Epstein was a bit of a playboy and fun to be around.

We all know that President Trump himself had a wild side with the ladies when he was younger, so that’s no surprise. 

But it appears that eventually Trump came to learn that Epstein was into more than just “ladies”….he was into the very YOUNG ladies.  

In fact, ladies is not the right term.  Girls.  Reports allege the girls were usually aged between 12-16 years old.  

And when Trump came to learn of these details, he immediately distanced himself from Epstein and BANNED him from Mar-a-Lago.  

Take a look:


The ban from Mar-a-Lago was confirmed by the Washington Post.

From the Washington Post you can see this quote:

Trump barred Epstein from Mar-a-Lago “because Epstein sexually assaulted  an underage girl at the club,” according to court documents filed by  Edwards.

So even the Post agrees that Trump banned Epstein and that was many years ago!

And then there is this article from Fox News stating plainly that Trump and Epstein were NOT friends by any means:

Other politicians, celebrities and businessmen, including presidential candidate Donald Trump, have been accused of fraternizing with Epstein. Trump lawyer Alan Garten told in a statement Trump and Epstein are not pals.

“There was no relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump,” he said. “They were not friends and they did not socialize together.”

I love how Wayne Dupree puts it:

And then there is this clip where President Trump links Bill Clinton to Jeffrey Epstein and the "famous island."

Dan Bongino Exposes Obama, Mueller and Comey: “The Biggest Scam In American History”

So there you go folks!  

The next time someone tells you that President Trump was close with Epstein, kindly show them this article and tell them they've got their Presidents mixed up.

It wasn't Trump, it was Bill Clinton.  

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