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Dan Bongino Exposes Obama, Mueller and Comey: “The Biggest Scam In American History”

Dan is the man!


This video is a must-see. 

I watched it a while ago, and recently came across it again and couldn’t believe how many new things I picked up the second time watching it.

So trust me on this one, watch it for 2 minutes and I guarantee you won’t be able to walk away until it’s over.

Dan is an incredible patriot.

He’s tough as nails and very smart….and he knows how Washington works.

He’s also written an absolutely incredible book that you really need to purchase, but if you’re short on time (like me) you can watch this video instead.

In the video, he lays out the ENTIRE Spygate operation and how the Obama Administration weaponized the federal government against Donald Trump.

Fact by fact, and using ONLY left-leaning sources like CNN and the Washington Post, he builds his case on exactly what happened.

Get Dan’s Book from Amazon!

He says point blank this is the biggest scam in American history, and after you get done watching you can’t come to any other conclusion!

It’s a must see.

If everyone in America saw this, perhaps we would have the revolution we need to once and for all finally DRAIN THE SWAMP!

So here you go, watch this and then I’d love to get your comments.

Save this to your Bookmarks.  To your Favorites.

Email this link to yourself so you always have it.

Email it to your friends and family.

We have to wake this country up!

Here you go:

Here’s a backup if that gets taken down:


For those of you who want more, for those that want all the footnotes, you need to get Dan’s book.

You can grab it here off Amazon:

Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. TrumpSpygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump

✅ Want One? FREE Until They Run Out:

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