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Jacob Chansley’s Lawyers CONFRONT DOJ


If the U.S. government does not release Jacob Chansley NOW, then we are no better than Venezuela or most of the countries in the Middle East. …

Our laws, customs, and culture all presume the innocence of the individual until they are proven guilty in a court of law.

Numerous provisions exist to ensure that the accused receives a fair trial—including the right to a lawyer, a careful jury selection, and instructions given to ensure the trial is not tainted by bias or the court of public opinion.

Finally, our legal system prohibits prosecutors from withholding evidence that would otherwise exonerate the accused. …

It is this last sacred precept that Jacob Chansley’s defense team is accusing the DOJ of violating.

The DOJ continues to claim that it didn’t suppress exculpatory evidence that would have exonerated Jacob Chansley and other January 6th political prisoners.

Of course, we know differently. These people must have some hubris to claim that our eyes are deceiving us; that we should not believe our eyes, but, rather, the lying, degenerate, parasites that make up the government bureaucracy.

Officials for the agency say that all the evidence was handed over—roughly 3 weeks before Chansley’s trial, but was this nearly enough time for his team to make a case or go through the droves of footage?

Did the timing of the evidence presented to the defense influence the plea Chansley entered?

This entire ordeal has been tainted from the start, at every level with FBI informants, a tainted mainstream media, deep state actors, the partisan January 6th Committee, and now, suppressed evidence.

Look no further than the universal calls from establishment types and the perpetually ill leftists to censor Tucker Carlson or worse—that one thing alone proves that the authoritarian nerve has been hit, and badly.

Several different pieces of footage corroborate Chansley’s innocence:


Chansley’s lawyers confronted the DOJ, according to The Epoch Times:

“They are hiding. They affirmatively are electing not to disclose [exculpatory evidence],” Albert Watkins, Jacob Chansley’s former attorney that negotiated the navy veteran’s 41-month sentencing agreement in 2021, told The Epoch Times on Tuesday, referring to the DOJ.

“They’re doing so in a fashion which, in my opinion, gives rise to an inescapable conclusion that the Department of Justice has done more damage to our democracy by how it has treated Jan. 6 defendants than anything that had occurred on January 6.”


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the American Conservative writes:

Albert Watkins, who served as Chansley’s attorney through his sentencing of forty-one months in prison, told Carlson in an interview that he and Chansley had not received this footage.

But even if the DOJ is right, and Chansley and Watkins received almost all of the footage by September 24, it certainly appears that Chansley did not have all the evidence before him to determine whether to enter a plea or take the case to trial.

Mind you, the September date is about eight months after Chansley was arrested for his involvement in January 6. The deplorable conditions in which January 6 pretrial defendants have been kept is well documented, and Chansley, a veteran who has a long history of mental health problems, had spent those eight months in jail, mostly in solitary confinement.


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