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WATCH: Ted Cruz Unloads On Fauci During CPAC 2023


Fauci lied and millions died.

30 years ago, this scientific terrorist bungled the AIDS crisis by pushing AZT as the only viable option for those inflicted with the fatal disease. …

The ‘solution’ killed more people, and at a faster rate, than AIDS itself.

According to many, and I agree with them, Fauci should have been imprisoned 30 years ago when he precipitated the AZT crisis.

Instead, he rose to the ranks of being the highest-paid federal employee and got a second chance to conduct mass experiments on an unsuspecting populace. …

Members of the GOP, most notably Rand Paul, have gone on the offensive against Fauci and now Ted Cruz is calling for Fauci’s prosecution at this year’s CPAC:

Here’s Fauci lying to Congress about the origins of Covid-19 and the role gain of function research played in the severity and transmissibility of the virus:

Conservative Brief notes:

Fauci has appeared to cast doubt on the theory that the COVID pandemic started with a lab leak in Wuhan, China, which the FBI and Department of Energy believe is likely.

The U.S. Department of Energy has allegedly handed a classified report to the White House and key members of Congress that said it came to the conclusion that the pandemic was the result of a lab leak due to new intelligence, The Wall Street Journal reported.


The Epoch Times had this related report, that casts further doubt on the federal government’s Covid-19 response and the continued pushing of Covid-19 vaccines:

“The risk-benefit analysis is a marketing strategy to maximize uptake of the vaccine,” Krug said. “It is not an honest effort to estimate risks and benefits because it ignores the most durable protection on the ‘market’—immunity from prior infection—which is near universal now.”

Krug has performed risk-benefit analyses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for adolescent boys and for booster mandates at colleges.

Dr. Tracy Hoeg, another epidemiologist, described the assessment as “top level incompetence” as the CDC, she said, tried “to justify giving bivalent boosters to children.” She pointed out that the CDC study used to estimate hospitalizations prevented did not include adjustments for factors such as the likelihood of being tested.


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