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NYC Paying Protesters in George Floyd Riots


Remember when we were all locked away in our homes under Lord Fauci’s command?

Our kids couldn’t go to school.

We couldn’t attend church – super spreader, they called it.

We couldn’t go to the store without a face diaper.

And then, something magical happened.

Covid put itself in timeout just long enough for BLM protesters to rage through the cities.

Those protesters may have narrowly escaped the Big Bad Covid Bug – lucky day for them, huh?

Well, not as lucky as today.

AP reported on a class-action lawsuit in New York City that will PAY protesters for boo-boos the bicycle police gave them.

New York City has agreed to pay several million dollars to settle a lawsuit brought by protesters who say they were assaulted, abused and trapped by police using a technique known as “kettling” at a demonstration in the wake of George Floyd’s killing.

Police used bicycles to form a wall around protesters while officers, including some in riot gear, attacked demonstrators — beating them with batons, kicking and punching them, and spraying them with pepper spray, the report said.

At least 61 people were hurt, with injuries including a broken nose, lost tooth, sprained shoulder, broken finger, split lip, black eyes and bruises.

Man, a split lip and a lost tooth?

Talk about “police brutality.”

I’m sure these protesters were just minding their own business, singing Kum Ba Yah with flowers in their hair.


New York Post reported on the payout.


The city has agreed to shell out $21,500 to each of the more than 300 protesters who were confined and some beaten or pepper-sprayed by NYPD officers in The Bronx during the nationwide 2020 George Floyd demonstrations.

Protesters who were unlawfully charged with a crime after being confined by officers will receive an additional $2,500, according to the terms of the settlement.

What a joke!

And just who’s footing the bill here?

Oh yeah – New York taxpayers!

NY Post shared more:

On Wednesday, a Bronx cop said he was “mystified” by news of the proposed settlement agreement.

“Kettling? That’s what we do. It’s not like they do it because these guys are model citizens. They’re doing it because they’re committing crimes or not following orders,” the officer said. “One or two of them might have been swept in there just because of wrong place, wrong time. But people were looting stores and causing mayhem at some of these protests.”


Do we really believe the majority of these thugs were acting peacefully?

We saw the footage.

We saw the damage!

But no!

They don’t have to pay for their destruction.

They don’t have to face responsibility for any of it!

They not only get off scot-free but they’re also being paid for it!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

We know how the Left operates.


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