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(VIDEO) NYC Teachers Fired For Refusing COVID-19 Shot Speak On Unvaccinated Migrant Children In Schools


On Monday, two New York City educators fired for refusing the experimental COVID-19 shot appeared on ‘Fox & Friends First’ to speak on the city allowing unvaccinated migrant children into schools.

WeLoveTrump noted that New York City allowed unvaccinated migrant children into schools despite the New York State Legislature removing religious exemptions to attend school in 2019.

The move forced parents of 26,000 New York children to make a choice. 

Vaccinate their children or pull them out of school.

NYC Schools Allow Unvaccinated Migrant Children, But What About The 26,000 New York Children Kicked Out In 2019?

"It's illegal, unethical and it's insane," Cassey McFadden said about the policy.

"You can't have one policy for and another policy for another group," she added.

The 25-year K-12 math teacher, who came out of retirement to aid the city's teacher shortage at the height of the COVID-19 Plandemic, was fired for refusing the COVID-19 shot.

Joy Newball, another New York City educator fired for refusing the COVID-19 shot, said she had to choose termination due to her beliefs and convictions.

"I had to think about what would be the best choice that supported my beliefs, that supported my convictions, and it was to allow the Department of Education to terminate me," Newball explained.

"It was a choice between keeping my qualifications, which I knew every three years that was coming up, or being pushed to choose they were going to terminate me because I was not going to comply. I was never going to comply, so I had to choose to just lose my career."

Newball said she worked tirelessly for eight years to acquire training to work with children and had to "let it all go."

Although the Pharma-owned media has attempted to utilize this issue to fearmonger about migrant children not receiving 'required vaccinations,' Newball referenced the injustice of religious exemptions pulled from New York children in 2019.

Newball explained who she blamed for this violation of inalienable rights.

"I blame those who think they have the authority to do this," she stated.

"If we look at what this country is founded on, there is no authority for any public servant to try and force anything on anyone and what they are doing is completely dividing the people."

"Because you have here now migrants that are coming in being told that something is waivered, but then you had 26,000 students in 2019 that weren't allowed to be in school if they were in that same position as these migrants," she explained.

"There has been huge discrimination against the city, against the children, and harm done," Newball stated.

"Honestly, for me, I blame Eric Adams. I really do," she added.


Mayor Eric Adams on Monday announced the COVID-19 jab would be optional for NYC municipal workers.

Mayor De Blasio Announces COVID-19 Jab Mandate on All NYC City Workers

However, terminated workers aren't guaranteed their former positions and won't receive back pay.

It's a slap in the face unless public servants who pushed the mandates are held accountable for violating the rights of the people.


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Fox News added:

As of September 2022, the New York City Department of Education's firings totaled around 2,000 for failure to comply with the mandate initially imposed by former Mayor Bill de Blasio.

McFadden said the population needs to "come together," but she and Newball both called out Mayor Eric Adams and other area officials.

Watch the full interview:



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