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NYC Schools Allow Unvaccinated Migrant Children, But What About The 26,000 New York Children Kicked Out In 2019?


New York City opened its floodgates as a sanctuary city, allowing migrant families to pour into the five boroughs.

The influx of migrants exposed the hypocrisy of the city administration with its latest policy move.

The city forced schools to accept migrant children who lacked required inoculations.

The Pharma-owned media used this opportunity to fearmonger unvaccinated migrant children as a potential public health threat.

They used a chickenpox case at a local school to spread fear about a potential widespread outbreak.

From the New York Post:

The Simon Baruch Middle School in Gramercy Park had a chickenpox case, according to a Jan. 25 notice from the principal which said students not vaccinated for the illness could not attend school.

A parent at the school said after the announcement, five migrant children were absent for a few days from the class in question.

“When you are talking now about hundreds of children entering a school and coming from countries where we know the same childhood vaccinations are not available— it’s hard to not see where vulnerable families could be put at risk,” the parent said.

A top city health official recently told the City Council that a surprising number of migrant children who had never had a single shot were arriving in the Big Apple.

“We’re seeing so many unvaccinated kids,” Dr. Ted Long, executive director of the NYC Test & Trace Corps, said at a council hearing, speaking generally about the migrant influx.

An estimated 11,000 migrant children have enrolled in Department of Education schools since the summer.

The city Health Department tracks outbreaks of illnesses like chickenpox but refused to say how many it has recorded in city schools since September or comment on the Simon Baruch situation.

While city officials allowed unvaccinated migrant children into schools, New Yorkers must subject their children to numerous Big Pharma injections to attend classes.

As The Post noted, K-5 students require the chickenpox, DTaP, MMR, polio, and hepatitis B shots.

The state of New York won’t allow American children to attend school unless they’re up-to-date with the CDC vaccination schedule.

Prior to 2019, children required a medical or religious exemption to attend school without being a Big Pharma guinea pig.

In 2019, the New York State Legislature repealed religious exemptions due to a ‘measles outbreak.’

The move forced parents of 26,000 children to make a choice.

Vaccinate their children or pull them out of school.

Per The New York Times in 2019:

With the start of school this week, Ms. Vance-Pauls, along with the parents of about 26,000 other New York children who previously had obtained religious exemptions to vaccinations, are facing a moment of reckoning.

Under the new law, all children must begin getting their vaccines within the first two weeks of classes and complete them by the end of the school year. Otherwise, their parents must home school them or move out of the state.

The measles outbreak that prompted the new law is actually easing. On Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio declared an end to the measles outbreak in New York City, its epicenter. Since the start of the outbreak in October 2018, there have been 654 measles cases in the city and 414 in other parts of the state, where transmission has also slowed.

The large majority of cases have involved unvaccinated children in Hasidic Jewish communities, where immunization rates were sometimes far lower than the state average of 96 percent. Wide-scale vaccination campaigns have helped lift those rates.

Tragically, the Hasidic Jewish community became targets of this wicked propaganda campaign against unvaccinated children.

From CNBC:

New York City is threatening to close some Jewish schools in Brooklyn that allow unvaccinated students as a measles outbreak in the area worsens.

The city in December ordered Orthodox Jewish schools and child-care centers in some areas of Brooklyn to ban unvaccinated children from attending. In January, one yeshiva ignored the mandate and welcomed unvaccinated children. That one incident is now linked to more than 40 cases of measles, the health department said Tuesday.

Yeshivas and child care centers in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn that refuse to comply with the city’s order may be fined or even closed, the city’s health department said Monday. This comes just weeks after nearby Rockland County banned unvaccinated children from public places, an order a judge has since struck down.

As noted, the New York Supreme Court upheld the legislation:

A state Supreme Court judge has rejected a request from parents to temporarily block a new state law that abolished religious exemptions from vaccinations for school children.

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Acting Supreme Court Justice Denise Hartman of Albany issued a decision late Friday that upheld the law passed in June in response to the worst measles epidemic in decades.

In her decision, Hartman acknowledged the “magnitude of disruption and potential harm” families may suffer if they have to violate religious beliefs and vaccinate their children, home-school them or move out of state. School begins next week for many children across the state.

But the judge said in her ruling she cannot overstate the “potential harm to unvaccinated individuals if the injunction is granted.”

She said the courts for at least a century have upheld state compulsory vaccine laws. She cited a 1944 U.S. Supreme Court decision that said, “The right to practice religion does not include liberty to expose the community or the child to communicable disease or the latter to ill health or death.”

Fast forward to the present, and city officials find no issue in allowing unvaccinated migrant children into schools.

Yet, New York children are still treated like ‘public health threats’ and must homeschool if not submitted to countless Big Pharma injections.

The hypocrisy is unreal!


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