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NYC Lifts Municipal Worker COVID-19 Jab Mandate, But The Damage Is Done


On Monday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced the experimental COVID-19 shot is now optional for city workers.

With more than 96 percent of city workers and more than 80 percent of New Yorkers having received their primary #COVID19 series and more tools readily available to keep us healthy, the #COVID19 Vaccination Will Become Optional for City Workers,” Adams tweeted.

However, the damage caused by the immoral, unconstitutional COVID-19 jab mandate is complete.

The overwhelming majority of city workers complied when former Mayor Bill de Blasio enacted the unlawful measure.

Mayor De Blasio Announces COVID-19 Jab Mandate on All NYC City Workers

City workers who rejected the experimental shot were tossed to the curb like trash.

Salaries, pensions, and benefits are gone.

Nearly 1,800 city workers across multiple departments were terminated for choosing medical freedom.

The city now mocks fired municipal workers by making the COVID-19 shot optional.

Careers ruined.

Finances drained.

From NYC:

New York City Mayor Eric Adams today announced that — with more than 96 percent of city workers fully vaccinated against COVID-19 — the city will make vaccination optional for current and prospective city workers effective February 10, 2023, following the expected ratification at the next Board of Health meeting. The COVID-19 vaccine mandate for city workers has helped keep New Yorkers safe and New York City operations running throughout the pandemic. With the vast majority of city workers and New Yorkers vaccinated, and more tools readily available to protect people from serious illness, the vaccine requirement for the primary series of shots has served its purpose, driving rates of vaccination up among the city’s workforce during a critical period in the pandemic.

In other words, the mandate’s purpose was to coerce individuals into complying with an experimental inoculation with 1200+ potential side effects to keep their jobs.

The mandate’s purpose was to determine the number of obedient workers and ruin the lives of non-compliant individuals.

Cont. from NYC:

“It’s clear these mandates saved lives and were absolutely necessary to meet the moment. We’re grateful that we can now, as we leave the emergency phase of the pandemic, modify more of the rules that have gotten us to this point,” said New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan. “We cannot overstate our appreciation for the millions of New Yorkers who made the necessary sacrifices to keep our city safe and save lives.”

The city still ignores the legitimate science and falsely claims the COVID-19 jab mandate “saved lives.”

New York City faced a drastic wave of COVID-19 cases after the mandate before decreasing to levels similar to pre-mandate.

“It’s clear these mandates saved lives” is absolute nonsense.

Cont. from NYC:

Beginning February 10, 2023, the city will make the COVID-19 vaccination requirement optional for city employees, in addition to New York City Department of Education (DOE) employees. At this point, the city has fully processed and issued decisions for all pending reasonable accommodation appeals. While the approximately 1,780 former employees terminated for failing to submit proof of vaccination will not be able to automatically return to their previous positions, they will be able to apply for positions with their former agencies through existing city rules and regulations and hiring processes. The city will also end the vaccination requirements for nonpublic school, early child care, and daycare staff.

Nearly 1,800 terminated city workers aren’t guaranteed their former positions in the departments that fired them over the mandate.

They must start over after years or decades of labor and dedication to their communities.

Additionally, there’s no mention of backpay after the city fired the workers for nearly 18 months.




In other words, this policy change by Mayor Eric Adams is a slap in the face.

It mocks the individuals who refused to comply with the mandate.

Unless there’s accountability, this will happen again in the future.

The New York Post reported:

But City Hall said the 1,780 now-ex-city employees let go for refusing vaccination requirements won’t automatically get their jobs back and instead will need to reapply.

A mayoral spokesman said the city will not provide back pay for the axed employees, but did not provide additional details.

A number of employees who lost positions in the NYPD, FDNY, Department of Education, Department of Health and other agencies filed lawsuits opposing the rule since the mandate was first announced in 2021. But they were hopeful of getting their jobs back with the same pay, seniority and benefits after hearing the mayor lifted the mandate.

Jairo Sosa, 37, who worked for 7 1/2-years as a firefighter before his “forced resignation,” said he would love to get his job back. He has a wife and three young kids ages 5, 3,  and seven months old.

“It’s a great job. I love going out and serving my community. I was working in the same community I grew up in — Washington Heights,” Sosa said.

He was awarded a medal in 2021 after rescuing a 5-year-old girl.

“You get a medal one year then you get terminated the year after,” Sosa said.

But Sosa said he wants to learn more about the reapplication process before deciding whether to re-up with the FDNY.

“Do we go back to our old place of work? Do we get the same pay?” Sosa said.

He said there should be “no break in service. Everybody is back to work just like before we were forced into all these mandates — same pay, same conditions before all this.”


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