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Drag Show Field Trip! Parent’s Didn’t Know


Missouri parents are outraged after learning a school field trip included a drag show!

Yes, you read that right – a field trip to a drag show.

What in the world is happening?

The drag show was part of an annual “Diversity Breakfast” in Columbia, MO.


An article in the Columbia Missourian said this:

Organizers describe the performance as G-rated. That would bring to mind “Dora the Explorer” or “Sesame Street,” the latter of which did add a transgender character in recent years.

Drag, or males “dressing as a female,” though, is an art form that purposefully brings attention to sexuality. A form-fitting sequin dress, with flamboyant hair and animated make-up is intended to be attention getting.

The crowd felt inspired to catcall, and several attendees — including two City Council members — playfully tipped the performers with dollar bills. Now, again, let’s not exaggerate as the money was deposited in performers’ hands (not down a brasserie or anything), but this obviously insinuated an adult-oriented interaction.

I don’t know about you, but when I think of G-rated, I don’t think of drag!

What’s worse is that parents weren’t even informed about the drag show portion of the field trip.

The permission slip, which you can find here, didn’t mention anything about the performance.

Libs of TikTok, a Twitter account that exposes the idiocracy of the libs every day, shared more:

Outraged parents contacted Libs of TikTok after Columbia Public Schools Board President, David Seamon, dismissed their concerns.  The email stated, “other than the keynote speaker most of the program is unknown to the public.” 

There is one giant problem with that explanation: The city’s own website notes that Nclusion+ would be performing.

That’s right.


I just don’t buy the lie that someone in the decision-making circle didn’t know about the drag show.

The performance group, Nclusion, describes itself as:

An organization working together to promote LGBTQIA+ events, media, and education within our community.

And by clicking the “booking” link, anyone can see the entertainment they offer is drag!

No wonder parents are outraged.

I would be too!

An article for Newsweek shares more:

Parents asking that in the future they be clearly notified of any drag performance beforehand so they can choose whether or not their child should attend were by and large dismissed, with the school district denying they did anything wrong.

When a parent entrusts their child to a school, they entrust them with an incomprehensible treasure. Part of that trust includes a reasonable expectation: Inform me if my child may encounter anything of a controversial, religious, or sexual nature.

A non-religious parent trusts that the school won’t bus their child to a Bible study. A Muslim parent expects their child won’t be shuttled to a Christian worship service. An atheist parent trusts their child won’t be forced to pray in homeroom.

Siding with the parents, Missouri’s Attorney General, Andrew Bailey is trying to stop this kind of crap from happening again.

The Daily Signal shared more on Bailey’s efforts.

Missouri’s attorney general sent a letter to the state’s association of school boards, urging it to adopt a resolution mandating that parents and guardians receive advance notice and the ability to opt their children out of sexual instruction, following news that a middle school took students to a drag show without notifying parents of the sexual nature of the event.

Bailey’s proposed resolution states that board members “affirm that no student under the care, custody and control of this district shall participate in programs, or receive instruction concerning human sexuality unless such programs or instruction comfort fully with section 170.015 RSMo., including, but not limited to, subsections four (4) and five (5) requiring that material be age appropriate, and that parents and guardians be given notice and the opportunity to opt their students out of such instruction or activity.”

Can you believe it’s come to this?

I guess it’s just another day in the battle for parents’ rights.


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