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INTERVIEW: Pilot Who Suffered Heart Attack Minutes After Landing Flight Criticizes Government For COVID-19 Jab Mandate


American Airlines pilot Bob Snow appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Tuesday to address the impact of the COVID-19 jab mandate on the airline industry.

Recall that Snow suffered cardiac arrest six minutes after landing a commercial flight last year with 200 passengers on board.

Vaccinated American Airlines Pilot Went Into Cardiac Arrest Six Minutes After Landing Commercial Flight With Nearly 200 Passengers (WATCH)

Snow believes his heart attack was caused by the experimental COVID-19 shot.

In his interview with Tucker Carlson, Snow criticized the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for allowing the Biden administration to mandate a medical product that was under emergency use authorization.

Carlson asked the glaring question before bringing Captain Snow on the show: “Was this cardiac arrest related to the airline’s federally-mandated vaccine policies?”

Carlson also noted how the FAA quietly loosened the EKG requirements for pilots.

FAA Quietly Changes Health Requirements For Pilots With Heart Damage, According to Steve Kirsch

That’s clearly not in the interest of public safety.

“I’ve had no contact whatsoever from anyone either with the FAA or with the company to query me or to investigate exactly what happened to me in regards to the cardiac arrest that I experienced while in the flight deck,” Snow explained.

“The FAA, as far as I’m concerned, was in violation of their own guidelines by allowing the administration of EUA-issued vaccines to pilots,” Snow elaborated.

“Aeromedical guidelines are very strict. We ply our trade based upon our license, which allows us to operate aircraft. But we can’t utilize that license unless we have a valid medical,” Snow continued.

“The FAA has always been very specific on what is allowed to be administered to a pilot. We’re not allowed to participate in drug trials for instance. An EUA-issued vaccine is certainly not anything that’s been approved by the FAA,” he said.

“For us to be subject to a mandate without any investigation, without any sort of 12-month studies as to the adverse effects these vaccines may have is to me unconscionable,” Snow explained.

“We were basically treated as giant guinea pigs,” he said.

“Are you worried about the safety of commercial air travel,” Carlson asked Snow.

Snow expressed his concerns and said he had been contacted by pilots who had issues post COVID-19 inoculation.

“I’m well aware of one of my former co-workers who unfortunately passed away as a consequence of receiving the vaccine, and this is something that it’s going to take a long-term investigation to figure out,” Snow explained.

“This jab for job idea that folks came up with in management and at the FAA, and also with Biden’s vaccine mandate, is absolutely unconscionable,” he said.

Watch the interview below:

Here’s a Rumble backup courtesy of MJTruth:

In December 2021, a group of lawyers and doctors familiar with health care protocols in civilian and military aviation sent a letter to the FAA and CEOs of all major airlines with a dire warning about vaccinated pilots.

According to the team of legal and medical professionals, pilots are prohibited from flying after taking a non-FDA approved treatment or one that was approved under 12 months ago.

Group of Lawyers & Doctors Send Letter to FAA Stating Federal Law Prohibits Commercial Pilots From Flying After Taking Experimental Injections; Call to Medically Flag All Vaccinated Pilots


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