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Balenciaga 2.0? This Is Way Worse…


Think Balenciaga was bad?

It was.

Now imagine something worse….much worse!

WARNING: this article contains extremely graphic and disturbing images.  Read at your own risk.  But it must be published.

Allow me to introduce you to Gorsad Kiev or Gorsad Kyiv.

Yup, the same “Kyiv” in Ukraine.

This is Ukrainian based and as the video below says, when you truly understand all that is happening in Ukraine you’re going to be SICK to your stomach…..and then majorly pissed off.

Watch this:

Now let’s dig into some examples…

SECOND WARNING: this is where it gets nasty.

Here’s the least bad of all, so let’s start here:

Ok fine.

Now we amp it up, buckle up…

Here’s where it starts getting really sick:

Plastic bags over heads?

Fruit posed right over the ‘gina?

How charming.

I don’t even know WHAT this is, or why the bottom right picture would ever be necessary:

Vigilant Citizen gives more detail about what Gorsad Kiev is:

Gorsad Kyiv is a photography collective consisting of three artists: Viktor Vasiliev, Maria Romaniuk, and Ulik Romaniuk. Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, the group has collaborated with many galleries, magazines, musicians, and brands such as I-D Vice, Dazed & Confused, Skim milk, Hood by Air, Ariel Pink, and others.

In 2022, Gorsad Kyiv was named in PhotoVogue’s list of “100 Next Great Fashion Image Makers”.

PhotoVogue Festival unites the biggest names in the fashion industry, along with numerous publishers from CondeNast – the megacorporation that owns hundreds of publications around the world. Here, PhotoVogue features a picture by Gorsad which features a sad and frightened girl.

One only needs to take a look at a few pics taken by Gorsad to realize one thing: There is something terribly wrong with them. Everything about their work refers directly to pedophilia, child abuse, and sex trafficking. Many children in these pictures appear deeply unwell as if they are actual victims of human trafficking that are constantly drugged and abused.

Instead of being alarmed by these pictures, “industry experts” actually celebrate Gorsad and reward them with lucrative contracts. And, since the Ukraine war, the collective is touted as “freedom fighters” by the media as it urges people to support them with donations. Are you crazy?

One of the ridiculous headlines praising Gorsad.

Why does the industry love Gorsad so much and why aren’t they being investigated by the police? Well, when one realizes that their works are also replete with the occult elite’s satanic symbolism, one realizes one important fact: They’re part of the same sick culture.

I can’t even pick a “worst”

Larger view:

A lot of photos feature abuse or violence directed towards small children:

Backpack? 👀


This makes my skin crawl:

Part of a child trafficking and abuse ring?

What is this?

And then of course we have the Satanism, the Goats, the Pentagrams….

Because, of course we do:

How is this even legal?

If you had a neighbor with this crap up on their walls, tell me you wouldn’t immediately report them to the police.

And yet they think this is “art” or “advertising”?


Backpack zoomed in.

Because that’s what you need for school:

Held against their will?


At least this one has all clothes on:

I’m sure most of this will soon be deleted and pages wiped, but here is their Tumblr with even WORSE stuff on it and I can’t even post them here:

From Evie Magazine, these images have been featured and given awards by Vogue:

Disturbing photos of minors have begun circulating online after users discovered an Instagram account full of inappropriate pictures. The account in question is owned by @grsdkyiv, and it belongs to a company called Gorsad Kyiv. The majority of their photographs include small children being abused. Below, there’s a photo of two little boys with their heads in plastic bags. There’s another image of a little girl lying in bed with a choker on, and another minor is seen with a chain around her neck.

In the post below, a young girl wrapped in a plastic bag lies in bed, and a blonde girl – who looks to be younger than 7 – poses provocatively in minimal clothing and heels.

According to their official website, Gorsad is a Kyiv-based “trio of artists” named Masha Romaniuk, Ulik Romaniuk, and Vitya Vasylie. They “specialize on alternative photography and provocative video,” and their works “are mainly focused on youth, feelings and sexuality in all their peculiarities and oddities.” They often collaborate with fashion publications.

Their list of clients includes TTSWTRS, Litkovskaya, Luxoptica, Skim milk LA, Tender and Dangerous, HOOD BY AIR, Alan Badoev, Max Barskih, Ariel Pink, Dazed magazine, Desillusion Skatebording, and Cashbroke. Gorsad’s work has been published in large magazines including Vogue, L’officel, Numero, Liberation, Dazed magazine, Kapital-noviny, I-D, Vice, Dust, Tush, Trip mag, Tissue Mag, S Mag, and more.

One user, @itsnatlydenise, discovered some of their other work on Instagram. Gorsad shared an image they were proud of, and it was selected by none other than Vogue. It showed a frail minor nearly naked in bed, hugging her knees to her chest.

Their other pictures were more graphic. They had one of two underaged males staring up at someone’s crotch. Another photograph included two minors licking lollipops.

In one headline about Gorsad written by Numero, a rough translation states: “The corrupt innocence of Ukrainian youth under the eye of the Gorsad collective.”

What do you think?

Speaking of….

You’ll Never Guess What “Balenciaga” Means…


Weird name, right?

When the story first broke, we all spent the first half hour just trying to learn how to spell and how to pronounce this weird name.

So where did it come from and what does it mean?

If we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that these people don’t do anything by accident.



It’s all highly planned out and “hidden in plain sight”.

So if you’ve got a massively Satanic company, you have to give it a massively Satanic name, right?

I think that’s just common sense.

And sure enough they did.




I almost couldn’t believe it, so I tested it myself and sure enough it’s accurate.

Try it on your own if you like:

Now to address the doubters…

Because I can already hear 1 or 2 poindexters reading this and saying: “but, but, that’s not accurate!  The company’s name is Balenciaga not Baalenciaga so you are fake news!”

We’ve got 4 million AWESOME readers here each month, and about 1-2 poindexters, so if you’re one of the poindexters all me to address you here instead of in the comments section…

First of all, they always tweak and hide things JUST ever so slightly…

That’s part of the game.

Calling the company Baal-enciaga would be a bit too obvious even for them, but a very slight and subtle shift to Bal-enciaga it just what the doctor ordered for these sickos!

Second, if you’re paying attention they’ve already admitted it’s true, you just have to connect the dots.

Remember this?

Zoom in:

You have to be EXTREMELY dense to believe they put caution tape that spells BAAL in the photo shoot and that it was an accident.

Yeah, right!

Speaking of symbolism, it’s everywhere in here:

Oh, and for those who don’t know, BAAL is an ancient Canaanite King mentioned in the Bible.

He’s one of the Fallen Angels, described in Genesis 6:4.

Perhaps synonymous with Satan, perhaps a different evil Fallen Angel, that part is unclear.

Satan has so many names, but this is one of them.

Just like Moloch.  And Dagon.  You also have Baal or Ba’al.

Here’s more of the evil:

Somehow…The Balenciaga Scandal Just Got Even Worse!

Just when you think the Child Sex Trafficking, Bondage Teddy Bear, Demonic Ba-alenciaaga scandal couldn’t POSSIBLY get any worse….it does.

It’s becoming hard to even process in my mind, but this looks like the most Satanic thing you could possibly imagine.

Bloody babies in bags?

Is that bad?

Is that near the top of your list of worst things ever?

Me too.

So now ask yourself why these “fashion icons” think it’s a good look?

Literally of all the things you could decide to do for fashion, dead bloody babies in bags is what you go with?



Is anyone seeing this?

Well, watch it right here on Rumble:

Here’s what BioClandestine had to say on Telegram:

I’m seeing this on Twitter, haven’t seen it on Truth or Telegram, but some of the Balenciaga models were carrying fake babies, with baby items, splattered in blood… and carried it inside their Balenciaga bags on stage during the “fashion show”.

Compound this with the Balenciaga photo shoots with court cases and books in the background pertaining to child pornography, Satanism, occultism, etc., and it’s pretty obvious SOMETHING is going on.

And the lack of outrage from the Left is DEAFENING.

Exactly right!

Want more?

Want to know why I’m so pissed off?

Read this:

BANNED On YouTube: Balenciaga Exposed, It’s Gotten Far Worse! [WARNING: Extremely Graphic]

I want to stop covering the Balenciaga Scandal because it makes me sick each time I look at it…but it just keeps getting worse!

And we have to tell you the full story.

Because the only way to stop evil is to shine light on it.

And this thing needs a LOT of light…

And chlorox…

And garlic…

And whatever else stops and kills evil.

Because if you thought it was bad before (and it was!) you might not be prepared for this next stuff.

I’m going to start with this YouTube video from the guy over at A Call For An Uprising, who does fantastic work.

A true “Deplorable”.

Glad to have him on our side exposing this stuff!

And for his efforts in exposing Balenciaga, his latest YouTube video received a strike.


Because it told too much truth.

He left the video up anyway and I’m now sharing with you:

Backup here on Rumble:

The video is so good I encourage all of you to watch it…

But for those of you who don’t have time, let me cover what is in there.

Balenciaga has attempted to distance itself from this scandal by claiming it had no idea what it’s marketing agency was doing.

Almost no one is buying that, but that’s what they’re claiming.

And if no one was buying that before, I expect perhaps ZERO people will buy it after seeing this.

Meet “Lotta Volkova” (likely not her real name, but we’ll go with it).

Lotta is the Chief Designer for Balenciaga.

Juanita B is right:

“They knew exactly what they were doing.”

Very sick photo.

Red babies as if they are covered in blood.

Her face that just oozes evil.

Demonic red everywhere.

Who would ever pose like this?

Not me!

Not you!

Not anyone I know.

But these people think this is ok.

It’s not.

But….that’s the NICEST thing I’m going to show you from her.

That’s her at her best.

It gets much worse.

WARNING: read on at your own risk!

Here is a post proudly promoting cannibalism:

I know, I know….I just don’t get the joke.

You’re right, I don’t!

You just don’t get art!

You’re right, I don’t!

Not this garbage!

Here’s where it gets REALLY evil and satanic:

These are the things of nightmares, why would anyone purposely create this?

Is America waking up yet?

I know everyone has hated the delay we’ve been experiencing, but it seems as though it was necessary to let all of this evil rise to the surface and be seen.

She loves promoting BAAL:

These make me puke!

More cannibalism, this time inside a church for extra offense!




This one post alone should be enough to have the FBI raid this sick company and shut them down forever.

How is this tolerated?

How is this legal?

It’s no coincidence that Kanye is also in the news right now.

He was in deep with these people:

And after ALL of this, Kim Kardashian can’t seem to disavow them.

She’s “giving it some thought” about what she wants to do.

You kidding me?

And perhaps the worst of all, although it’s hard to pick:


And do you remember Rachel Chandler?

MAJOR UPDATE: Rachel Chandler Tied To Balenciaga?

I said earlier today that it feels like not only are multiple major stories all coming together and intersecting with each other, but they’re on a crash course and about to collapse the entire system under their own weight.

FTX, Ukraine, Pedos, Money Laundering, Balenciaga, human trafficking, child trafficking, sex trafficking, open borders, the Biden Regime, RINO Republicans, 10% for the Big Guy, Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden’s laptop, Les Wexner, Epstein Island, Jeffrey Epstein….

Are they ALL connected?

It’s looking more and more likely.

Here’s the latest major connection to surface.

Rachel Chandler.

You might recognize that name, but for those who don’t I will fill you in.

She is most famous for this picture with Bill Clinton which is rumored to be from Jeffrey Epstein’s plane on the way to/from the infamous Epstein Island:

Chandler has been mentioned frequently in Q posts.

I want to be clear right upfront that no guilt on behalf of Chandler has ever been admitted or found by a court, and we want to make that clear.

It is also unclear if she was a victim, participant or perhaps both.  Or perhaps neither.

But speculation is running wild online…

Here is a reference to the Q Drop involving Chandler:

Many believe Chandler played a role perhaps procuring girls for Epstein Island:

Others believe “Chandler” is not even her real name, but instead an alias giving homage to Child+Handler.

If true, that’s sick stuff:

And now come reports that Chandler is connected to Balenciaga:

The Chandler / Balenciaga is confirmed by

“It’s not like pink hair, it’s an entirely new way of looking at people,” says Walter Pearce. He’s explaining a shift in casting practices that began with brands like Hood By Air and Eckhaus Latta in New York and has since spread to every level of the fashion industry. It’s a shift towards what Walter calls “weird in a good way,” away from “the female beauty standard that’s so aggressively all over New York.” And it’s partly what led to a centuries-old brand like Balenciaga sending artists and DJs down its runways this year.

This summer, Walter and photographer Rachel Chandler founded Midland, a new kind of modeling and casting agency to support this new kind of model. Their goal is to make sure the Instagram- and street-cast students, skate kids, and club kids that brands now covet for their subcultural capital get work and get paid, while maintaining their sanity and sense of fun.

“We talked about how drastic the shift in casting has been over the last few years. How a lot of students or artists are modeling now, because they have a look that’s desirable, but they’re not represented,” explains Rachel. “And if you’re unrepresented, you often end up underpaid. So Midland has two parts: it’s a casting agency but we’re also a model agency.”

Rachel and Walter currently represent 16 models, in addition to casting and consulting for brands including Junya Watanabe, Eckhaus Latta, and Hood By Air. “I think so far, the greatest compliment anyone gave me was from a friend who’s not in the industry,” says Rachel, “They told me, ‘When I look at the roster, I want to know more about each person. I want to know who they are.”

Rai, one of Midland’s models, went to Walter’s high school in upstate New York. He is over six foot tall, with the luminous skin, long hair, and slightly angular upturned nose of an anime character. “Right when I started casting, he was on my mind,” Walter says. “But I think I hadn’t developed my style enough, I wasn’t confident enough, to know that he was actually so strong.”

Walter, now 21, began his career during his sophomore year in high school. He interned at DIS magazine at 14, before a mutual friend introduced him to Shayne Oliver of Hood By Air. At 16, he started interning with Oliver (who he now refers to as “my mother”), and assisted the brand with casting. He helped oversee the street casting for Oliver’s beautifully twisted scholastic spring/summer 16 show, flying over two guys he’d met in LA, with faces covered in tattoos. And this past September, working as Midland, he oversaw Hood By Air’s show casting for the first time. Rai walked in a white shirt with straight-jacket-like sleeves, his hair and forehead wet with a half-inch-thick layer of Vaseline.

“Only when we were forming Midland was I like, ‘Wait a minute, this kid is so sick,'” Walter says. “It’s so funny knowing the context, that he went to this little high school upstate, because now of course we have a totally different relationship.”

“The whole thing’s super personal to us, and as a result the relationships are super personal,” Walter continues. He says that Guy, another model who was a Hood By Air exclusive this past season, is like a little brother to him. He sometimes goes to Walter’s house for dinner, he texts him on his birthday. “We basically shattered this idea that enjoying modeling and getting work are mutually exclusive. That’s been the standard up to this point, for real.”

“The other thing that’s been really cool is that the agency’s two parts feed each other,” says Rachel. Rachel works with Eckhaus Latta year round, and through the brand’s open casting calls on Instagram she met two people she ended up signing with Midland. “Another boy we have on our roster, I was eating in a sushi restaurant on Avenue A and was literally mid-bite when I saw him walk by. I ran out and my friend thought I was completely insane. But I signed him and he did the Helmut Lang [campaign] I just cast.”

Like Walter, Rachel has a sought-after eye for spotting talent in unlikely places, a knack she honed through her work as a photographer. In March she helped curate the lineup for Demna Gvsalia’s fall/winter 16 Balenciaga show. “The casting director was a friend of a friend and he needed help,” she explains. “I suggested a few people for them and they ended up taking all of my suggestions! So I thought, ‘Ok, I must be good at this.'”

According to other reports from Oli London, Chandler runs a talent agency which procured many of the models for the Balenciaga photo shoot in question.

More on that below if you missed the original story (this will blow your mind).

So is Chandler connected?

Many say so:

Here is a portion of the photo shoot in question….

Very troubling:

Here is Oli London’s report on Rumble:

And here’s a longer clip:

Meanwhile…Balenciaga has gone into damage control mode.

They have denied all liability and claimed the photographer acted without their knowledge, and they’re now suing:

Many people online are not buying the lawsuit and claim it’s only window dressing for damage control:

Here’s what Kim Kardashian just posted and people don’t seem to be buying it:


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