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Aaron Rodgers: They Sent a “Fauci Stooge” To Every NFL Team!


Aaron Rodgers appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience for a lengthy interview about his NFL COVID-19 Saga after refusing to take the experimental injection.

The four-time NFL MVP said that the league discriminated against unvaccinated players.

“Rodgers said that he is allergic to polyethylene glycol — also known as PEG — which is an ingredient in the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people allergic to PEG not take the mRNA vaccines. Rodgers passed on the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine because of blood clot issues,” The Blaze noted.

Rodgers stress there were ‘clearly two classes of players.’

He noted that unvaccinated players like himself were tested for COVID-19 every day, compared to every two weeks for vaccinated players.

Rodgers had to wear a yellow wristband that identified him as unvaccinated and had to wear a face mask at all times.

Vaccinated players did not have to wear a face mask.

“There was a lot of public shaming that was attempted to coerce people to get vaccinated because not only are you wearing a yellow wristband, you’re the only ones wearing masks,” Rodgers noted.

“There was clearly two classes of players at the facility – there was the unvaccinated and the vaccinated who had full privileges,” he told Rogan.

“They tested once every two weeks. They had full privileges. On the road, they could go out to dinner on the road, they could go to a concert in town, they could go to a comedy show that was in town, they could be at any place they wanted to.”

“I think now we all realize these were crazy policies,” he said.

The Blaze reported:

Rodgers pointed out how players on the bubble who were unvaccinated had an “almost 0% opportunity to get a workout.” He said that unvaccinated NFL players had a “very low percentage not just of keeping a job but even getting a job.”

“Look how righteous our league is, we have 95% compliance with the vaccine,” Rodgers mocked the NFL. “If you don’t, we’re going to send a stooge to your team to show you graphs of your vaccination percentage of your team compared to the rest of the league, which actually happened.”

On the third day of training camp, Rodgers asked the “stooge” about liability from vaccine injuries, which was answered, “Oh, I’m not a lawyer.”

“You’re in here talking about these different things and you don’t talk about anybody’s personal health issues,” he told the official. “There’s zero exemptions, you took out religious exemptions, you took out PEG exemptions, you took out anybody’s ability to have an opinion of: ‘I don’t want to do this.'”

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley confirmed Rodgers’ “stooge” story.

Beasley – an outspoken critic of COVID vaccines and NFL pandemic protocols– said, “Same ‘stooge’ came to the Bills along w/ Bruce Smith telling us we didn’t care about winning or our teammates if we didn’t get the vaccine. I didn’t get Covid until the NFL stopped testing all the vaxxed players because they all were getting it.”

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