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Debt Jubilee Declared In America…Billions To Be Wiped Out?


This is not a drill…

This is real.

And before we get too far into this one, let me just say upfront NO — I am not talking about NESARA/GESARA.

Longtime readers of this website know I do not believe those are coming.

I believe they are total frauds, designed to keep you pacified.

I’ve written about it a lot before, and I won’t rehash those here.

You can read this article if you want more details on why I think NESARA/GESARA is a big psyop and actually quite dangerous:

NO, The Great Reset Is NOT Good For You – NESARA/GESARA Are Very Dangerous!

I'm not the only one who has warned about them...

Here is Clif High telling you the same thing.

Watch on Rumble:

So I'm NOT talking about NESARA and GESARA, but there is a debt wipeout coming.

And it's not good!

I'm talking about student loan debt.

There are rumors swirling right now that Biden is prepared to cancel BILLIONS of student loans.

See here from blue-check mark Jeffrey Gundlach:

And here is CNBC, confirming this could be $321 BILLION (that's with a "B") wiped out with the stroke of a pen:

That’s at least according to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who told reporters on Tuesday that Biden’s decision would come before the end of the month.

“We’re just going to continue to assess our options for cancellations … so no decisions have been made on that [yet],” she said. “And the president has made clear it will — he’ll have something before August 31st.”

White House officials are zeroing in on canceling $10,000 for all borrowers who earn less than $150,000 per year, CNBC reports, but the administration has yet to confirm such plans.

A memo recently obtained by Politico, however, shows that officials in the Department of Education have a detailed plan to provide relief to millions of borrowers as soon as Biden gives them the green light.

Most borrowers, according to the documents, would need to apply for the program on by self-certifying that they qualify for relief, but several million borrowers for whom the department has income information available would receive debt relief automatically within several months.

An Education Department spokesperson told Politico that the agency’s “review of broad based debt cancellation remains ongoing and no decisions have been made” and that they would not comment on “any alleged internal documents or internal deliberations about hypothetical scenarios.”

More than 40 million Americans carry student loan debt. A wide-scale student loan cancellation of $10,000 per borrower would forgive a total of $321 billion of federal student loans and eliminate the entire balance for about 11.8 million borrowers, according to the Federal Reserve. The average borrower would receive $8,478 in student loan forgiveness.

Of course this raises many red flags...

What about the people who paid theirs off the right way?

What about the people who never took out student loans?

Why are we incentivizing forgiveness for only the least productive members of society?

It's wrong on so many levels and it's going to end very badly.

Here is AMTV giving some more details and insight...

I found this video to be very insightful.



Isn't it funny how the Democrats always pervert everything?

God's Bible has a real Debt Jubilee written into it, but THIS is not it.


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