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(WATCH) Funeral Director John O’Looney Shows Blockages Removed From Blood Vessels of Man Who ‘Suddenly’ Died


Since the second quarter of 2021, embalmers have been finding enormous blockages in the vessels of deceased individuals.

No embalmer or funeral director has seen these kinds of blockages before.

They’ve often been referred to as ‘mysterious’ blood clots.

However, these large blockages aren’t blood clots.

  • The blockages are white, while blood clots are very dark red to black.
  • The blockages are rubbery and strong, while traditional blood clots are soft.
  • The blockages are found in both veins (mostly) and arteries (sometimes), while traditional blood clots are almost exclusively found in veins.

They can be so large and tough, that it can be impossible to pump embalming fluid in the vessels without first removing the blockages.

2-foot long blockages have been found before.

Dr. Ryan Cole has previously discussed these blockages in embalmer cases.

(WATCH) Dr. Ryan Cole Discusses Mystery Blood Clots in Embalmer Cases

The morticians that usually put a dissolving fluid in to break up the clots so they can get their embalming fluid in. They were getting back pressure on the system saying what in the world is going on. So they ended up going in and grabbing and snaking onto these things and pulling out 6-inch clots, 12-inch clots, 2-3 foot clots,” he explained.

They were pulling long clots out of your longer veins. And to your point, they hadn’t seen anything previously.

Funeral Director John O’Looney showed viewers one of these blockages removed from a deceased individual.

The man who died allegedly was triple-vaccinated against COVID-19, under 30-years-old, fit, and had no comorbidities.


“This one here came out of the aorta from the heart. And they take the shape of the vessels that they’re growing in only. And they gradually fill the vessels as they grow. And these obviously there, that’s what’s killed him,” he explained.

Here’s a Rumble backup:

Here are additional videos that discuss these mysterious blockages.




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