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(WATCH) Dr. Ryan Cole Discusses Mystery Blood Clots in Embalmer Cases


Dr. Ryan Cole recently sat down for an interview with Steve Kirsch to discuss mystery blood clots in up to 93% of embalmer cases.

In the video, Dr. Cole described tissue samples he received from the embalmers.

Here’s the interview via Rumble:

It’s one of the factors that’s killing people,” Dr. Cole answered Kirsch’s question about massive blood clots preventing embalming fluid from getting into the body.

The morticians that usually put a dissolving fluid in to break up the clots so they can get their embalming fluid in. They were getting back pressure on the system saying what in the world is going on. So they ended up going in and grabbing and snaking onto these things and pulling out 6-inch clots, 12-inch clots, 2-3 foot clots,” he explained.

They were pulling long clots out of your longer veins. And to your point, they hadn’t seen anything previously.

Dr. Cole explained he first started hearing these reports a couple of months ago.

Kirsch states that the COVID-19 injections have been out a year and asks why are reports of these mystery blood clots only surfacing now.

Dr. Cole raised two hypotheses of why that’s the case.

  1. The morticians saw the clots, thought they were odd, and didn’t think anything of it.
  2. You don’t see much of it after one shot, more after two shots, and a lot after three shots.

He stated his confidence level is “about 80 to 90%” that the clots are caused by the COVID-19 jabs.

However, he wants to conduct a few more studies on his current samples.

The video concludes with Dr. Cole describing some of his slides to Kirsch and pulling out a test-tube with a 12-inch blood clot inside.

You pulled that out of the inside of a vein,” Kirsch asked.

Correct,” Dr. Cole responded.

He confirmed it was impeding a vein.

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