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Elon Musk is Asking Questions About the Epstein Client List


Elon Musk does many things well. He’s the richest man in the world, runs Tesla which is one of the most successful companies in the world and even dabbles in space exploration with SpaceX.

He’s also a legendary Twitter troll that triggers anyone with a Leftist, anti-American cell in their body.

A perfect example is when Elon Musk demolished a Leftist journalist that was trying to discredit him.

Sadly for the journalist, but hilarious to the rest of us, it backfired in epic fashion.

Turns out that Elon is the king of trolls and America loves him for it.

What makes his trolling so powerful is not his intelligence.  He’s wickedly smart.

It’s not even that he’s part of the 1% elite. He’s richer than anyone on Forbes.

No, the reason why his trolling hits the Left in the jaw is because mixed in the middle of all the joking and sarcasm are legitimate questions they don’t want someone of Elon’s stature asking.

Elon is different than the likes of Bezos and Gates. Where the latter two needed the nod from the establishment to make the jump in their success, Musk did it in spite of the elites throwing everything they could to make him fail.

The Twitter buy out, whether it happens or not, was more than just a marketing ploy.

It showed the rest of us that the Left is vulnerable.

It seems that the latest question Elon Musk is asking is in regards to Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The world knows that they were at the center of some very sordid activities involving people at the very top.

The timing is not coincidental. We recently reported that an investigation into the mysterious, brutal suicide of a former Clinton advisor with ties to Epstein was reopened.

The investigation that was originally open and shut needed to be reopened as the “Clinton” body count continues to increase.

So that’s the context of what Elon did over the weekend.

He started asking questions and bringing light to the fact that despite all this time, we still don’t know anything more about Jeffery Epstein and the length of his client list.

Here’s what the New York Post had to say:

Billionaire Elon Musk raised questions about deceased convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s list of clients in a series of tweets over the weekend – suggesting it was “odd” that the information still hasn’t surfaced.

Musk commented on the situation alongside a meme labeled “things I’ll never see in my life” with photos of a dragon, dinosaurs, a unicorn and the words “the Epstein/Maxwell client list.”

For those curious, have a look at the tweet mentioned.

According to reports, it already has more retweets comments and shares than all of Nancy Pelosi’s tweets combined for the year 2022. Hilarious.

Musk makes a good point. Why hasn’t the DOJ, which has been leaking worse than the pipes of an old Victorian house been so rock solid in regards to the Epstein client list.

Elon goes on to comment about the situation. Here are some of the transcripts pulled from the New York Post.

“Only thing more remarkable than DOJ not leaking the list is that no one in the media cares,” Musk tweeted on Saturday. “Doesn’t that seem odd?”

It is strange that even the Fourth Estate, the members of the media have put this story on the back burner. Almost like they are unable to because of who runs them…or something of that nature. Possibly.

“Sometimes I think my list of enemies is too short, so …” Musk added.

While it seems like a random pondering. Evidence suggests that these tweets are in response to the Left having pushed Musk too far in recent months.

Like someone who knows how the soup is made, he’s just letting everyone out there know that he could play dirty too if they push him much more.

Of course Twitter users came out to try and suggest he was part of the client list to which Elon came back hard on. Here’s one of them and Elon’s response below it.

While it’s entertaining and fun to see Elon trigger the Woke Twitterverse with his smart phone, it speaks to something that the Left desperately doesn’t want to catch on.

They don’t want more people asking questions. It’s one thing to have the occasional Clinton-Epstein common acquaintance go missing or end up “un-alive”.

But if the majority of the public that follows Musk were to begin to ask those questions, that is a whole lot harder to suppress.

The hope is that Elon keeps his trolling ways going until the rest of the nation catches on and starts feeding their curiosity to find the truth.

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