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WeLoveTrump BANNED and CENSORED Again!


Hey friends,

Noah here and I’m posting to let you know it’s happened again: we’ve been banned and censored yet again by Big Tech.

First it was Facebook, where we went from 0 Followers to 1.5 MILLION followers in less than 3 years, only to go right back down to 0 Followers when we were completely banned from that communist site in 2019.

Poof, gone!

Then, a year later we were banned by TWO email companies.

In each instance, no one could ever tell us what rules we violated or what we did wrong…

Of course, the reason they couldn’t do so was because our only crime was supporting Donald J. Trump.

Our stats were always very high, people loved what we posted, we had extremely low complaints…in other words, we were the model accounts — but it didn’t matter.

When they don’t like your beliefs and the fact you support Donald Trump, they delete you with the click of a mouse.

I thought perhaps we were done with the worst of the censorship and banning, but unfortunately it just happened again.

You may have noticed this Donate Button on our website:

Our website has ALWAYS been free to read and it will always REMAIN free to read.

That’s the way it’s been since 2015 and it’s not changing.  Ever.

But believe it or not, it’s actually very expensive to run.

Our web hosting fees are over $2,000 each month…

Our other IT costs (webmaster, etc.) are over $3,000 each month…

Our email costs which are needed to send our free Nightly Newsletter are almost $3,000 per month…

And on and on it goes.

Why do I tell you that?

Not because I’m looking for sympathy.

No way.

I love what I do and I absolutely love running this site, but most people have no idea the cost that goes into it.

For a long time I resisted any help, but finally after some prodding from some longtime readers I finally posted a “Donate” option where you could support what we do with a donation — only if you wanted.

No pressure.

Just donate if you want, and everyone else can continue to read for free as they want.

To make a long story short, I’ll wrap it up to say what happened next continues to surprise and humble me…

The amount of people who choose to donate $1/month or $5/month or even $20/month totally blows me away.

The donations come in on a regular basis and I almost NEVER talk about this — it’s just a button sitting there quietly for those who feel led to donate something to keep the mission of the site alive — but you people are so kind, so faithful, so generous and when a bunch of you come together, those $1/month donations really start to add up and make a huge difference in what we do!

Now, back to our main story and why I tell you this.

Because I never thought our next wave of censorship would come in the form of banning our donations, but that’s what happened.

I received a notice recently that we “no longer qualified” to receive donations via the company we were working with and they were going to refund everyone who donated to us.

And for those of you who DID donate to us, you may have received an email that looks something like this recently:

Isn’t that crazy?

They are doing EVERYTHING they can to cut us off at the knees and take us out of the business!

I guess we report too much truth, huh?

No other conclusion you can come to other than that.

But we don’t stop.

We never give up.

We continue to press on because the mission is too important.

Let me clear up one thing real quick: the company that banned us is NOT GivingFuel.  GivingFuel has been great to work with.  The company that banned us is their native payment processor and I’m not going to print their name here, because I don’t want to give them any extra attention.

As I mentioned, we NEVER give up and I’ve recently replaced that payment processor with one who appears to support free speech.

We APPEAR to be back in business in terms of donations, and like I said I almost never even talk about this but if you want to support our mission with even $1/month, trust me when I say it means a lot and makes a HUGE difference.

Our new donation page should be live and working again right here:

Since I can’t thank everyone personally, let me say in advance a huge THANK YOU to anyone who donates to us or who has donated to us in the past.

Your help means more than you know.

And to everyone who just wants to read and doesn’t have money to donate or doesn’t feel led to donate, please DO NOT feel compelled to send anything!

We’re just glad you’re here and we want to you enjoy the articles we write 100% for free, just like it’s been since 2015 and just like it will always be.

Thank you so much to everyone in the WeLoveTrump community — we truly are stronger and better together!

Your friend,



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