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Investigation Into Death Of Clinton Advisor Linked To Epstein Reopened


It was not too long ago that Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire that tied dozens of the world’s elite to a sordid, perverted sex scene was murdered in his jail cell. His murder in August 2019 happened before he was able to blow the whistle on everything he knew.

Bill Clinton was one of the people that had the most to lose if Epstein was able to take the stand. Epstein was tightly integrated in Bill’s life for years.

Bill apparently made multiple trips to the billionaire’s “Lolita Island” and made him and partner Gislaine Maxwell, fixtures in his extra-curricular endeavors. Here is Maxwell in attendance at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Shortly after Epstein’s conviction, Clinton quickly moved to cut ties with him and distance himself. But pictures don’t lie.

Since the whole Epstein situation got exposed, people linked to Clinton and the billionaire have been victims of mysterious deaths.

Often labeled as a suicide by the authorities despite their bizarre nature, the deaths seem very convenient for the Clintons.

In fact, just last month, the latest victim with ties to both Clinton and Epstein emerged.

Radar Online reported on the details when it happened:

Former president Bill Clinton’s special advisor linked to pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein died in a bizarre suicide and only Radar has the macabre details that have led some to suspect foul play.

Mark Middleton, who introduced the perv to the president, was found May 7th hanging from a tree with a shotgun wound that blew a hole through his chest along with a cheap Dollar Store-type extension cord as a noose on an Arkansas farm belonging to a non-profit feed-the-hungry agency loosely linked to Clinton.

Oddly, the Little Rock businessman and father of two daughters created his own makeshift gallows by standing on top of a table he dragged to the hanging tree — an apparent backup plan in case the shotgun blast didn’t end his life, a law enforcement source tells

The Radar article goes on to ponder why Middleton decided to end his life on land loosely connected to the Clintons. It seems from people on the inside that it may point to Middleton’s death serving as a warning to other people connected to the Clintons.

Investigators are still trying to determine why the hell-bent Middleton trespassed on the 1,200-acre grounds of the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas – a farm run by Heifer International whose headquarters is on the same parcel of land partially owned by the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock.

Charles Ortel, a financial expert who has spent years probing the activities of the Clinton Foundation and the trail of dead bodies associated with the former president, believes Middleton’s death on the Heifer property is designed to send a message.

“So, if you are telling me this guy was found on a Heifer property — he was murdered is my bet,” he tells us.

Since his death, the Middleton investigation was closed with the cause of death marked as a suicide.

Interesting how that keeps happening in Clinton’s old stomping grounds,  no matter how much evidence points to the opposite.

However, what happened a few days ago seems to have forced the investigation back open.

Ashley Haynes, who was seen visiting with Middleton a few weeks ago before his death has now also washed ashore as a victim of “suicide”.

Ashley is now part of the rapidly growing list of people with a Clinton-Epstein connection that are dying.

However, Hayne’s death is also forcing the investigation into Middleton back open. Radar explains.

The bizarre suicide death of Bill Clinton’s former advisor linked to billionaire perv Jeffrey Epstein is now an “OPEN” investigation, Radar can exclusively report.

The stunning turn of events comes after a series of explosive stories questioning the suicide death of Clinton moneyman, Mark Middleton, who was found May 7 hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast through his chest and an extension cord around his neck. learned about the surprise twist after it filed a Freedom of Information request with the Perry County Sheriff’s Department demanding copies of the police report and crime scene photos of grisly death in a 1,100-acre farm linked to the former president just outside Perryville, Arkansas.

In an email reply, Sheriff Scott Montgomery tells Radar he cannot release the police report because the once open-and-shut case is an active investigation.

“At this time this is an open investigation, and we are not releasing any information,” Montgomery said in a June 2nd email, without elaborating. has also learned the Perry County Coroner is also refusing to release any details about Middleton’s death because of the alleged open investigation.

It seems that news of this investigation are picking up steam with the public. With the added attention and publicity, it seems to be backing the good old boy network in Arkansas to have to actually do something with this growing number of deaths related to the Clintons.

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