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35% Of Americans Favor War With Russia Even If It Means Nuclear War


35% of Americans are stupid….

But you knew this already. We have a fair amount of people in this country who are more like NPCs than human beings; They will support anything the television and government authorities tell them to support.

No biological differences between men and women? Sign them up. Giving the same government which has been consistently shown to be evil and deceitful more power? You can find that same 35% of Americans lined up for that.

These people don’t ‘trust the science’ they trust the television…

It has been said that roughly 25% of the population cannot be hypnotized, and on the opposite end of the distribution we have another 25% that is easily hypnotized. The remaining 50% fit somewhere in the middle.

Understanding this, it isn’t very hard to see why we are where we are currently. Many of us feel that ‘the world has gone mad’, or something to that effect, and now you know the root cause of that…

There is a large subset of people in this country who are more like radio receivers than rational, thinking, discerning creatures.

According to a recent study conducted by Pew Research, 35% of Americans favor going to war with Russia—even if that means a nuclear conflict.

Again, these are generally the same people supporting all the nonsense. Including transgender hysteria, Covid tyranny, and government expansion.

There is a difference between having a legitimate difference of opinion vs passing off personal mental illness as a legitimate political philosophy.

Here are just some of the findings of Pew’s study:

Axios dissected the study, and summarized some of the data:

85% of Americans support the strict economic sanctions on Russia, with 85% of Republicans and 88% of Democrats in favor of maintaining the sanctions, the survey found.

42% of respondents said the U.S. should be providing more support to Ukraine.

Pew Research explains:

However, most Americans (62%) say they would oppose the U.S. “taking military action even if it risks a nuclear conflict with Russia.”

About a third (35%) of Americans say they would favor military action in this scenario. Comparable shares in both parties (36% of Republicans, 35% of Democrats) say they would favor military action even if it risks nuclear conflict with Russia.


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