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Hollywood Liberals Meltdown After Trump Acquittal


The Senate acquitted President Donald Trump of the false charge of incitement over the Capital riot on January 6th.

Celebrations broke out all over the country..

Not so much in Hollywood though…

As you might imagine, the liberals of Hollywood had a much different reaction to President Trump’s acquittal. 

To say that they overreacted would be a gross understatement.

Liberal Hollywood did what they always do best.

They had a massive meltdown.  

The Blaze has more on Hollywood's latest meltdown:

The Senate voted to acquit former President Donald Trump on a charge of incitement of insurrection for the Capitol riot on Jan. 6. Liberal Hollywood celebrities suffered complete meltdowns over the results of the impeachment trial.

All of the Democratic senators and seven Republicans voted to convict Trump, resulting in a 57 to 43 vote, 10 short of the 67 votes needed to secure a conviction against Trump.

The hashtag #43Traitors trended on Twitter after Trump's acquittal, which was full of rage toward the 43 Republicans who voted to acquit the former president. In the U.S., traitors who are convicted of treason are subject to "suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years."

Twitter reactions by several left-wing celebrities labeled the 43 Republican lawmakers who voted to acquit as "traitors."

"Frozen" voice actor Josh Gad quote-tweeted a "list of traitors up for election in '22."

Democratic advocate Debra Messing also shared a list of Republicans to vote out in 2022.

Rosie O'Donnell responded to a tweet from the official Senate GOP Twitter account by ranting and raving, "well f*** u all - traitors - cult members - reality deniers u have no shame - u tossed ur legacy in with his - the nation will not forget ur betrayal - he tried to kill mike pence for gods sake - what will it take - damn it #TrumpIsGuilty."

O'Donnell also directed her venom toward Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), "spare us mitch - u voted NOT guilty so shut the french toast #43traitors."

Some of these celebrities may have just been angry that they were called out for their own violent rhetoric over the last several years.

Rep. Ken Buck specifically called out Madonna, Robert De Niro, and Kathy Griffin.

For more, here's the LA Times:

A couple of A-list celebrities and a former D-lister were dragged into Wednesday’s impeachment hearings at the Capitol. They were accused of fomenting the violence ahead of the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, which ignited an unprecedented second impeachment of outgoing President Donald Trump just days before his term ends.

Actor Robert De Niro, singer Madonna and comedian Kathy Griffin were given special attention by Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) during his remarks in which he railed against Democrats, whom he blamed for last week’s fatal uprising.

Buck used the straw man fallacy and recounted violent anti-Trump statements made by the stars to make his point.

"[T]he socialists in Hollywood joined their allies in Congress,” the conservative politician argued on the House floor. “Robert De Niro said he wanted to punch the president in the face. Madonna thought about blowing up the White House. Kathy Lee Griffin [sic] held up a likeness of the president’s beheaded head and nothing was said by my colleagues at that point in time.”

Despite the LA Times best efforts to discredit Rep. Buck, he's absolutely correct to point out such vile rhetoric from these "entertainers."

It's true that liberals in Hollywood have wished violence upon President Trump for several years.

Check out this video presented by President Trump's lawyers, which shows democrat politicians and liberal celebrites wishing violence on the president.


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