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Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About America, “Can’t Be Destroyed So Quickly Unless the Enemy Is From Within”


On Sunday, the President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele said what many Americans are thinking about the Biden regime.

Bukele tweeted the quiet part out loud, the Biden administration is destroying America and likely on purpose.

Something so big and powerful can’t be destroyed so quickly, unless the enemy comes from within,” Bukele wrote.

Bukele’s remarks came in response to an arrogant Bloomberg Opinion piece on how ‘peasants’ making under $300K can handle skyrocketing inflation.

‘Take the Bus’ and ‘Eat Lentils Instead of Meat’ Bloomberg News Instructs Serfs Making Under $300K on ‘How to Deal with Inflation’

Gateway Pundit summarized America under Joe Biden:

** Wide open borders — 2 million illegal immigrants flooding the country in one year — more this year

** Surrender in Afghanistan, abandoning essential base, arming Taliban with $80 billion in US weaponry, dead soldiers in retreat

** Shutting down energy sector

** Record spending, record inflation nearing 10% annually

** Highest gas prices in history

** Destruction of First Amendment led by Big Tech

** Corrupt media gaslighting public

** Total destruction of working class

** Politicized and Broken Justice Department

The intentional destruction of America is obvious to other nations.

However, roughly half of the American populace has been dumbed down by mainstream media to the point where they’re blind to the self-implosion of their country.


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