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Wendy Rogers Doesn’t Know Who Klaus Schwab Is?


I don’t quite know what to make of Wendy Rogers.

She seems to be pro-MAGA, pro-Freedom, pro-Liberty and I love that, but every once in a while she makes the most bizarre comments that make you wonder if she’s just trolling or pandering or truly is that far out of touch?

I’m not sure.

But I’ll just do my job reporting and let you decide.

I report, you decide.

Here is here latest Tweet that has everyone scratching their heads:

Wendy, you’ve never heard of Klaus Schwab?


Perhaps you’ve only heard him referred to by his more common name: “Anal Schwab”?

Is that it?

Does that clear up the confusion?

As I mentioned, many think she’s just trolling:

Others think she’s just pandering to Trump Fans and doesn’t really understand or believe what she’s saying:

In any event, I guess it’s up to us to educate Wendy.

Wendy, here you go…this is the guy you’ve allegedly never heard of… 👇

Is there anyone more creepy than Klaus Schwab?

Sure there are many contenders on the “worst of humanity” list, but anyone give off a creepier vibe than this guy?

I can barely stand listening to him, with that German accent and his gleeful delight about how his “World Economic Forum” has infiltrated all the governments of the world.

Well, here is a new clip recently found where he proudly brags about how he has Justin Trudeau in the bag.

He says Trudeau’s loyalty is to the World Economic Forum and NOT to the people of Canada.

We already knew that by his actions, but now they’re coming right out and admitting it.

Watch it for yourself right here on Rumble:


Here’s more:

And this:

And this:

And this:

Wendy, if you need some more reading material start here:

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