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WATCH: Klaus Schwab Wants to ID & Track You By Your Heartbeat


The World Economic Forum periodically releases these creepy videos about their utopian vision for the world.

These clips appear randomly and often go unnoticed by the masses.

Their latest production dropped on social media this week.

And as usual, it’s disturbing to view the twisted minds of the WEF.

Check out what Klaus Schwab and his technocratic, transhumanist cronies desire for us:

While all five of these are a tyrant’s fantasy, the one that stands out the most is #4.

Identifying and tracking every person by using their heartbeat.

That’s something straight from a dystopian novel.

These global communists always want to find a way to ID the peasants and watch their every move.

Schwab and his elitist friends want to transform society into their transhumanist dream.

For average citizens, you can kiss your privacy goodbye.

The control freaks want absolute power over your life.

Fortunately, the WEF got blasted by Twitter users with common sense:

From the World Economic Forum:

Digital acceleration has also put the limelight back onto security issues. Much of the world’s move to online – whether for work or your weekly shop – involves sharing personal or business information remotely, with an ever-wider number of entities. Not only that but when people started wearing masks, facial recognition security systems were stumped.

One solution to this conundrum may be the unique pattern of your heartbeat. Developed by the Pentagon and NASA, ‘cardio ID’ devices can detect an individual’s unique cardiac signature using an infrared laser. The technology is already available for licensing, and security is only one possible use. Another application could be identifying opted-in shoppers as they enter a store, for example, to personalize their visit.

Isn’t that nice?

The technology the WEF wants to use to track their cattle was developed by the Pentagon and NASA.

I feel so much better upon learning that info.

NASA explains their heartbeat biometric technology:

One or more biometric indicia, such as fingerprints, voice-prints, retinal scans, and facial features are often proposed to be used to identify, or to authenticate the asserted identity of a user who seeks access to a given resource. This invention provides a method and associated system for authenticating or declining to authenticate an identity asserted by a candidate person. The heartbeat system is a new biometric technique to verify someone’s identity. It can be used in everything from replacing an individuals PC passwords to access a bank account.


Cardiac muscle is myogenic and is capable of generating an action potential and depolarizing and repolarizing signals from within the muscle itself. An intrinsic conduction system (ICS), a group of specialized cardiac cells, passes an electrical signal throughout the heart. This technology is a method and associated system to identify a person based on the use of statistical parameters, peak amplitudes and/or time interval lengths and/or depolarization-repolarization vector angles and/or depolarization-repolarization vector lengths for PQRST electrical signals associated with heart waves. The statistical parameters, estimated to be at least 192, serve as biometric indicia to authenticate or to decline to authenticate an asserted identity of a candidate person. There are three on-line modes of operation enrollment, verification, and identification as well as two off-line modes statistics and settings. In enrollment the raw electrocardiography (ECG) signal is processed and the results in the form of parameters are serialized and saved. Verification and Identification procedures use the feature parameters for recognition (classification) of subjects based on the same kind of parameters (features) of heartbeats extracted from the ECG signal of a person to be verified or identified.

These control freaks want to track you, invade your privacy, and keep you trapped within your ’15 minute spaces’ and ‘cloud markets.’

Schwab and his minions are pure evil and think we’re lowly peasants.

They can take this Orwellian future and shove it.


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