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Veterans Say Biden’s State Department is “Actively Impeding” Rescue Efforts in Afghanistan


The list of failures for Joe Biden grows by the day.

When it’s all said and done though, Biden will likely be most remembered for one specifically:

Joe Biden abandoned Americans in Afghanistan during his botched exit.

This should be front page news every single day, but unfortunately, the media has continually ignored it or covered it up.

Meanwhile, several civilian rescue groups have attempted to do what the Biden Adminstration refused to do, rescue those who are still trapped.

Leaders of many of those groups are now saying that Biden’s State Department has actively hampered those rescue efforts.

Former Army Ranger Jesse Jensen claims that the State Department is constantly changing the standards to which people can be evacuated, effectively impeding the efforts of his group Task Force Argo.

He even claims the State Department stole beds that his organization had negotiated for evacuees.

National Review broke the story:

From late August to late October, Task Force Argo helped rescue more than 2,000 people from Afghanistan and got five flights out, Jensen said. Since then, their efforts have been stymied.

“We have three flights that are fully paid for, with 1,200 souls, that have been grounded for eight weeks, because we do not have a country in which to send these people” he said. Jensen said the State Department “has constantly changed the standards and process to move evacuees out of Afghanistan” since the military’s the August 31 withdrawal.

At one point, Jensen said, his organization negotiated 1,000 beds with a third-party “lily-pad country” to place their evacuees, but the state department “stole those beds from us” so they could resettle a separate group of evacuees who had initially been sent to Germany.

“The Germans were like, ‘We’re not going to keep these people. You need to get rid of them,’” Jensen said, alleging that a state department official reached out to his organization and said, “we need those beds, but it has to be your idea. It can’t come from us.”

The State Department declined to address Jensen’s allegation in its email to National Review.

The Gateway Pundit provided more details:

Since the fall the Americans left stranded in Afghanistan have been out of the news. But Americans and our allies are still trapped inside the failed Taliban-led state.

A new report at National Review published today revealed that the Biden State Department is “actively impeding” rescue attempts of Americans from the country. Thousands of Americans and as many as 100,000 American allies are left stranded inside the country. Even a group of Catholic nuns are still trapped in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden's failure in Afghanistan has cost American lives.

When will he be held accountable?


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