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Stranded In Afghanistan? DON’T Call The State Department


Imagine that you are in a hostile foreign country.

A place which has just been overrun with gorilla fighters, who regularly make headlines due to their barbarity, and you were helping the other side.

You call your country’s state department or the equivalent to get assistance—in fact they have been telling people to call them for assistance.

They hear your desperate pleas for evacuation from the war torn country you have been abandoned in……

And then…..


They just hung up on you.

This is what Prince Wafa claims happened to him when he attempted to call The U.S. State Department to request assistance in evacuating the war torn nation of Afghanistan.

I am sure Wafa’s story is not unique, there are still unknown numbers of Americans stuck behind Taliban enemy lines….

Americans who were abandoned by Joe Biden, John Kirby, Austin, Milley, all of them.

When are we going to bring our people home, or at the very least, when are the lies going to stop?

Here are the latest developments on Americans stranded in Afghanistan:

The Intercept shared Wafa’s story:

Kabul, descended into panic as the city fell to the Taliban, Prince Wafa placed a desperate call to a State Department number set up to help people trying to flee.

Wafa, an American citizen who lives in San Diego, had arrived in Afghanistan just a month before to visit his wife in Kabul. After the sudden collapse of the U.S.-backed Afghan government, he is now attempting to get her and himself out of the country to safety.

A former U.S. Army translator, Wafa, who became a U.S. citizen in 2019, is among those most endangered by the fall of the Afghan government: people who cooperated with U.S. forces and are now likely to be treated as traitors by the Taliban, Afghanistan’s new rulers. The home of Wafa’s family in the city of Herat had already been visited by longtime neighbors who turned out to be covertly working for the Taliban; the neighbors were said to be searching for him.

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The Daily Wire shared this heartbreaking account:

“Am I safe? Now the question is my life. Am I safe? Are these people are safe?” Sara responded, referring to 37 other people, comprised of numerous children, that she is stuck with.

“I don’t even think they are safe because they will be – they’re in my house, because now they are more targets than ever before because they are living in my house. And I’m an American. I’m a former interpreter. I worked for 14 years. And what is next for us?”

“We just smell the death. I’m afraid to let them go out, or myself to go out,” she continued. “There is 37 of them in my house right now. And what is next move for me? I have no idea. But I never felt like this.


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