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ITALY: 15-Year-Old Dies of Cardiac Arrest While Skiing; 14-Year-Old Enters Coma Two Days After COVID-19 Jab and Passes Away


The number of children killed or maimed by the experimental COVID-19 injections will forever be a hideous stain on our society. Innocent lives are being sacrificed for “protection” against a virus that most age demographics have a 99.99% survival rate.

In the VAERS data, there are 983,758 reports in the latest update on 12/17/2021. 26,036 of the reports impact children age 17 and below. It’s estimated the figures in VAERS account for anywhere from 1-10% of the number of vaccine-related injuries.

Healthy children have zero risk from severe COVID-19 complications and statistically have a greater chance of dying from influenza or a car accident. Having a child injected with this dangerous biological agent is nothing more than a sick game of Russian roulette with their health.

What’s even more disgusting is the attempt to normalize catastrophic injuries in children that any sane person knows isn’t normal. It’s an effort to hide the dangers of the COVID-19 jab that will harm the most innocent members of our society. We’ve seen the mainstream media and even some school systems try to normalize heart attacks and strokes in children.

Two recent stories I caught from Italy show children suddenly dying to ailments NOT normal for young people. Like professional athletes collapsing to cardiac arrest, the same has happened to children. 

Prima Torino reported the death of a 15-year-old that died of cardiac arrest while skiing:

An investigation has been opened for manslaughter on the death of Filippo Allorio , the 15-year-old who died at the “Maggiore di Novara” hospital last Saturday after a fall on the slopes of Alagna. A due act by the prosecutor of Vercelli to evaluate the dynamics. And no hypothesis is excluded: from the conditions of the track to the illness that could have caused the fall. The young man was found in cardiac arrest. 

Investigations ongoing

The investigations started immediately after the accident by the Guardia di Finanza which had intervened, together with the Monterosa 2000 operators, to provide first aid to the boy who went off the track. It had been possible to stabilize him and transport him by helicopter rescue to the Novara hospital where unfortunately he died in the night. After the first interrogations to get a picture of the situation, the prosecutor arranged all the necessary investigations for the reconstruction of the dynamics. It seems that no one has witnessed the boy going off the track, among other things which took place in the Pianalunga area on a red track of medium difficulty and with a slope that is not so high.. Unfortunately, the web cams aimed at the ski area could not help, not having captured the moment of the accident. To give the alarm was a skier who saw the boy’s body arrested outside the track.

Expert reports

The prosecutor of Vercelli has entrusted the investigations to the judicial police of the Alpine rescue of the Finance. Several technical tests to be carried out to evaluate the whole picture of the situation: it will be necessary to understand how the bottom of the track was , if the boy’s equipment complied with the provisions of the regulations , it will be necessary to evaluate the safety protections arranged along the track .

An autopsy was also ordered on the young man’s body also to rule out any illness that led him to lose control of the skis and to fall. He was in cardiac arrest when he was found . So far, the hypothesis is that due to a fall the young man ended up off the skiable track, hitting violently against a pile of ice.

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While it’s unverified if the 15-year-old boy received the COVID-19 jab, it’s NOT normal for a healthy teenager to suffer cardiac arrest.

Italy 24 News had the story of a 14-year-old that died after entering a coma two days after receiving the COVID-19 jab:

A 14-year-old from Ruffano (Lecce) died in the intensive care unit of the pediatric hospital in Bari yesterday, where she was hospitalized after entering an irreversible coma two days after the administration of the second dose of the anti Covid vaccine, which took place on 17 August. last. The parents of the 14-year-old, of Moroccan origin and residing in Italy for years, presented a complaint to the prosecutor in Lecce, asking the public prosecutor for an autopsy examination.

“Only the autopsy will be able to ascertain whether there are correlations between death and vaccination”, explains the lawyer representing the parents, the criminal lawyer Pasquale Scorrano, of the Lecce Bar. “At the moment the prosecutor Donatina Buffelli, owner of the file, has not ordered the autopsy, having reserved the right to acquire all the necessary documentation to reconstruct the story and to have a diagnostic confirmation”, explains the lawyer. “The children’s hospital has ordered an internal investigation to ascertain the causes of death”.

According to what is highlighted in the statement, the 14-year-old was given the first dose of Pfizer vaccine on July 22 and the second dose on August 17 in Casarano (Lecce). “Immediately after the second dose, the girl felt unwell and took a tachypirin, but on August 18 she complained of severe eye pain and swelling in her right eyelid, so her parents took her to the doctor’s office and was here. hospitalization was suggested, which took place on the following 19 August, in Tricase (Lecce, ed) “, continues the lawyer.

“From what we understand, she was subjected to CT scan and a form of tumor in the occipital part was found, for this reason an investigation was requested, but the girl entered an irreversible coma and on August 20 was transferred to the hospital pediatric hospital in Bari where doctors diagnosed a form of meningitis.


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