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James Bond Could Be Non-Binary In Future Films


Ah yes, the main theme here is “everything woke turns to sh*t.”

Producers of the next James Bond film may be considering the next character of the James Bond Movie to be non-binary in future films.

This news comes after the producer stated they didn’t want a female to play the role of James Bond, but rather the role could be open to a “non-binary person” instead.

Fox News gathered this insight from the podcast “Girls on Film” Friday.

James Bond could be non-binary in the future, a producer has revealed.

Barbara Broccoli confirmed the next 007 won’t be a woman, but the character could identify as non-binary during Friday’s episode of the “Girls on Film” podcast. Non-binary is defined as someone who doesn’t identify as being male or female, usually choosing to go by “they” or “them” pronouns.

Again, this is just a possibility and is not confirmed YET.

I personally don’t think the producer will go through with it.

There’s just no way this would do well in the box office.

The mere thought that Jame Bond could be anything but A MAN is insane!

People are reeling over the thought this is even a possibility:

“Why change a good thing?”- Is the question everyone should be asking!

If everyone vocalizes the fact the franchise will die, I’m hoping this will be enough to deter the producer from going through with such an outrageous idea.

Enough with the wokeism, it’s getting out of hand.

I drew the line at the non-binary b.s a long time ago, (there are only two genders and you are born as one or the other, that’s it) but I’m definitely drawing a second one right next to “you don’t mess with James Bond movies.”

I will refuse to watch the next James Bond movie if a non-binary person is staring in it.

Will you go see it? Or is enough, enough?



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