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WATCH: Iceland Travel Ad Trolls Zuckerberg’s Metaverse In the Most Brilliant Way


This was the funniest thing I watched all weekend.

The world watched Mark Zuckerberg announce Facebook’s name change to “Meta” and introduce their virtual reality, Metaverse.

In Zuckerberg’s creepy advertisement, Metaverse resonates as a digital dystopia that disconnects humans from reality and the physical world.

As it turns out, not everyone loves the idea of this shared virtual world environment.

In an epic troll of Zuckerberg’s “Metaverse,” Iceland mocked the idea with this genius travel ad.

Inspired by Iceland presents Icelandverse:

Enjoy the world without silly VR headsets!

The brilliant ad is trending on Twitter in large part due to the blistering burn of Zuckerberg’s creepy virtual reality.

Twitter users took notice:

As someone who has enjoyed the real “Icelandverse,” this is a genius ad campaign to attract tourists.

And the mockery of Zuckerberg’s fake “Metaverse” is the cherry on top.

Mashable commented:

Facebook — sorry, Meta — CEO Mark Zuckerberg says his company is building an immersive world where you can hang out with friends, collaborate on work, and take in the splendor of your surroundings. If only we could be in that world now!

Oh, wait, we can — it’s the real world all around us.

That’s the latest roast that’s been expertly levied at Zuckerberg and his fantasy vision for the metaverse by none other than an Iceland tourism and business board called Inspired by Iceland. Yep, Iceland.

The group posted a video Thursday featuring Zuckerberg’s equally weird and robotic Icelandic alter-ego, Zack Mossbergsson (you gotta love a double ‘s’ in an unexpected place!). Mossbergsson welcomes viewers to “this very natural setting” to introduce a “not-so-new chapter in human connectivity: The Icelandverse.”

Mossbergsson goes on to show how you can view the beauty of the natural world, touch real water, and hang out with people in the Icelandverse. Amazing!

Are you getting it? Basically, some genius at Inspired by Iceland decided to use the ludicrousness of the metaverse — a transparent attempt by Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to distract us from their myriad scandals — to show off how great Iceland is. They got waterfalls. They got geysers. They got hot springs with zinc-faced Icelanders in ’em. Who wouldn’t want to go to the Icelandverse?! It looks like way more fun than this nightmare, TBH.

Icelandverse > Metaverse

Case closed!


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