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American Kids Basically Test Dummies For the Rest of the World


The United States used to lead the world in freedom, Democracy, science, and innovation.

These days the government has taken a different approach.

Now we are leading the world in vaccines; specifically, those aimed at children ages 5 to 11.

Here’s Fox News with the full story:

The U.S. is at the forefront of the race to vaccinate young children. Many governments elsewhere are treading more cautiously.

In Mexico, the president says he won’t be held hostage by vaccine makers and there are no plans to inoculate under-18s except those at risk. In many parts of Africa, rollouts are going so slowly that vaccinating children is a distant ambition. Some governments are waiting to see how the campaign in the U.S. goes before moving ahead.

The U.S., where children between 5 and 11 are getting shots for the first time this month, isn’t alone: Children as young as 3 are being vaccinated in countries such as Colombia, Argentina and China.


We are competing with countries like Colombia and Argentina.

Oh and instead of beating the communist dictatorship of China economically, we are now opting out to see who can limit freedoms the most!

The article goes on:

The case for vaccinating older people and those with underlying health problems has always been clear-cut: Trials and real-life experience show recipients as gaining significant protection against catching the disease and particularly from being hospitalized and dying from it.

For children, who rarely suffer severe illness from Covid-19, the benefits accrue mainly—though not exclusively—for others: older people with whom they come into contact while infected and the broader population. Advocates of vaccinating children also say it will help restore some normalcy to schools and reduce quarantines.

The U.S. this month extended its vaccine campaign to children 5 and older, after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended use of the vaccine made by Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE in 5-to-11-year-olds. These children will receive two shots three weeks apart that contain one-third the dosage of the vaccine delivered to adolescents and adults.

In doing so, the U.S. has moved ahead of countries in Europe in vaccinating children. Across Europe, only children of 12 and older can be vaccinated—though doctors sometimes use their discretion to vaccinate at-risk younger children.

So what’s all the outrage all about at home?

Are kids really dying from Covid?

Well yes but at what rate?

Since the start of the pandemic, which is almost 2 years now, 595 minors ages 0 to 17 have died of Covid according to the CDC.

Here’s how people are responding on Twitter:

States like California are beginning to impose vaccine mandates in counties and school districts

Meaning, any child eligible to get a vaccine has to get one.

Here’s how one school responded:

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The fact remains that people don’t want their kids to get vaccinated!

Even kids don’t want to get vaccinated!

Imagine a world where kids can choose to go under hormone therapy to change their gender but they can’t decide whether or not they want to get vaccinated.

That’s basically America today.

Freedom for all has become; freedom for the left who support extreme leftist agendas.


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