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Canadian Cardiologist Who Called Unvaccinated ‘Selfish’ Dies In Sleep After Third COVID-19 Jab


The Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction (VAERS) site reports side effects from vaccines, ranging from mild symptoms to death.

Although it’s estimated that only 1% of injuries get reported to VAERS, the numbers are staggering.

Despite the over 800,000 VAERS reports, our government and pharmaceutical companies deny the evidence and continue pushing their COVID-19 vaccine agenda.

Unfortunately, many lives have been lost in the process, including members of the medical community.

In a sad display of irony, a young vaccinated Canadian Cardiologist that held the unvaccinated in contempt died in his sleep Monday.

He died a mere two weeks after his third COVID-19 shot.

Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial was infamously quoted on Twitter calling the unvaccinated selfish, saying he “won’t cry at their funeral.”

Sadly, the cardiologist with no reported health conditions died in his sleep.

His family, friends, and colleagues were all shocked to hear of his sudden death.

He was only 52 years old and left behind three children.

CBC has more:

Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial dedicated more than 20 years to the New Brunswick Heart Centre and the care of patients suffering from heart disease, said a statement from the staff of the New Brunswick Heart Centre.

“It is with profound sadness that we report the sudden and unexpected death of a colleague, friend, father, partner and inspiring spirit,” the statement says.

Lutchmedial died Monday in his sleep at his Saint John home, said Jean-François Légaré, the head of cardiac surgery at the New Brunswick Heart Centre. He was 52.

Légaré said family, friends and colleagues were shocked by the news of Lutchmedial’s death.

“It was sudden, unexpected for all of us. He was actually on call yesterday morning,” Légaré said in an interview. 

“I think all of us are having a hard time just sort of grasping at the size of the loss … We chatted with him on the weekend about plans and things we were going to do, you know, in the next few weeks, few months for the heart centre.

“That’s the kind of person he was. He was always thinking ahead of those things.”

Lutchmedial was part of performing Atlantic Canada’s first MitraClip procedure, a minimally invasive repair procedure that gives new hope to patients who are too sick to withstand open heart surgery.

The New Brunswick Medical Society is “deeply saddened” to learn of Lutchmedial’s sudden passing, president Dr. Mark MacMillan said in a statement.

“Dr. Lutchmedial was a valued member of the medical community in Saint John and across the province,” MacMillan said. “We offer our condolences to his family, friends, colleagues, and patients.”

According to the heart centre website, Lutchmedial obtained his biology degree from Queen’s University and then his medical degree from McGill University in 1993. 

Légaré said his studies at McGill overlapped with Lutchmedial, who was already well respected.

“He did more than medicine,” Légaré said.  “[He] was an artist. He was a musician. He participated in filmmaking in the province. He was a hockey coach for his kids. He was participating in the community. He was an avid researcher.”

He said Lutchmedial was kind and understanding, even when one night at the pub, a man bumped into him and was looking for a fight. In a few words, Lutchmedial was able to defuse the situation and get the man to calm down.

“This is the kind of person that really had a very, very, very good soul and a person that really was able to bring people together and not be competitive,” Légaré said.

His friends reported that he was a good soul able to bring people together.

Grievously, his tweets make it seem like he was only a good soul to those who aligned with his vaccine agenda.

Nevertheless, his death is an unnecessary one at the hands of our government and big pharma.

We’ve all seen the side effects ranging from myocarditis to blood clots to neurological damage, yet the Biden admin continues to push boosters and vaccines for everyone, including children.

Will the mainstream media cover the untimely death of Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial?

Or would it expose them to their massive cover-up of heart problems induced by the COVID-19 jab?

It seems the FDA/CDC can run, but they won’t be able to hide forever.

In a recent interview with Dr. Jessica Rose, she showed her new research indicating myocarditis rates in COVID-vaccinated children ages 12-15 are 19 times higher.

Additionally, the information on myocarditis produced from the COVID-19 vaccine is out there.

The mainstream media shrugs off any reports of myocarditis as rare, which according to VAERS, and real life, is an untrue statement.

Yahoo News reports that myocarditis is a “post-pubertal phenomenon,” which should reassure parents.

Then, they detail the account of a father and his sons suffering COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis.

Here is more from Yahoo News:

“Myocarditis is usually a post-pubertal phenomenon,” Offit said, adding, “That made me feel better about the fact that we won’t be unpleasantly surprised” by a surge in myocarditis in younger children after they are immunized.

That reassurance may not be enough for some parents. Jeff Gustin, a plant geneticist at the Agriculture Department, said he and two of his sons had elevated heart rates after getting the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

His teenage sons recovered quickly, but Gustin, 42, says he can still feel his heart beating hard, especially when he lies down. Now he is considering a booster of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, rather than of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine.

And given the family history, he is hesitant to have his youngest son, who is 11, immunized unless the school district requires it.

But some instances of myocarditis after immunization, like those of Gustin’s older sons, may be detected simply because of the intense scrutiny on vaccines, said Dr. James de Lemos, a cardiologist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, who reported one of the first cases in January.

The myocarditis linked to the vaccines is far less frequent and severe compared with that observed in patients with COVID, and it does not seem to cause lasting harm, de Lemos said.

The coronavirus can infect cardiac muscle, as well as the lining of blood vessels, putting the heart and other organs at risk of long-term damage. The virus can also weaken the heart enough to require a transplant, and even cause lethal damage.

By contrast, the myocarditis observed after vaccination is mild and transient. “It’s unsettling, but rarely life-threatening,” de Lemos said.

Still, some Northern European countries, where the Moderna vaccine was already approved for adolescents, have stopped giving it to people age 30 and younger, at least for the moment. 

Despite the facts, our media and government remain silent and allow mass murder to continue.

What will it take to hold the Biden admin and pharma accountable for their crimes against humanity?

May Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial rest in peace.

“Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.”


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